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yet another happy christmas!

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TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Sat 25-Dec-04 00:57:43

didnt know which thread to post on so.....i am going up to bed soon. i would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and also thank the people who have supported me on mn in the last year. (doesnt this sound like an oscar speech?!!, id like to thank my agent etc etc!!) hope that santa brings you all whatever you want this year . i will now go and sort out the mince pie (dont have any so its an xmas slice, carrot (oh how i hate to bite into carrots) and santa drinks wine around here dontcha' know. have a lovely day everyone xx

biglips Sat 25-Dec-04 01:04:25

happi xmas

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Sat 25-Dec-04 01:21:46

oh yes..ahem...and who said they could delete the other half of my post id like to know? or why cant i see it? never was only crap about rudolph! (must be the elves i reckon)

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Sat 25-Dec-04 01:23:49

and its back! ok santa...i take the hint and im going to bed

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