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A week on and I'm still in love with that A&E doctor...

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Carla Fri 24-Dec-04 15:21:11

... can't get him out of my mind. He shook my (bloody) hand when I met him, shook it when I left him, was soooooooo caring. And he asked me if I took any 'recreational' drugs. No was the answer.... but if he'd been around .... He wasn't especially delicious, but soooo nice.

How do you get such clever people who are also so caring? I want to marry one.

Frizbethereindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 15:58:17

hee hee Carla, I got chatted up by a junior doc, when I last took dd to the hospital! it was rather funny actually, as the nurses in the room took considerable dislike to this, one even pointed out that I was a 'mother'!! (he was tasty tho, so I guess they were all bickering over him!) think he got a rollocking from the consultant when I left, as he was giving him the evil eye also! made my day tho!

Donbean Fri 24-Dec-04 15:59:35

You two are trollops!!!! Christmas trollops!!!!!

Frizbethereindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 16:09:15


dinny Fri 24-Dec-04 21:33:13

Which hospital, Carla? My sister's dp works in C&W A&E at the moment and is rather handsome....

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