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Would you let your 4/5/6 year olds go carol singing for money, door to door?

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Carla Fri 24-Dec-04 12:55:06

I know that their parents were waiting in the wings, but somehow it just doesn't seem right to me. What do y'all think?

KateandtheElves Fri 24-Dec-04 12:56:32

Were they collecting the money for themselves, or for charity?

spacedonkey Fri 24-Dec-04 12:57:00

I wouldn't, no, unless I was singing with them and it was collecting for charity

WideWebWitch Fri 24-Dec-04 12:57:32

Only if I was with them.

Carla Fri 24-Dec-04 13:00:21

For themselves . Part of me feels good for them, part of me feels sad they need to, part of me feels it's exploiting the children.

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Fri 24-Dec-04 13:00:35

is the short answer

KateandtheElves Fri 24-Dec-04 13:01:28

In that case Carla, no.

It's not exactly the spirit of Christmas is it?

mrsjingles Fri 24-Dec-04 13:04:04

No way, I'm against it, the same as I am against trick or treating.

happymerryberries Fri 24-Dec-04 13:05:09

As eveyone has said, only if I was with them, and only for charity.

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Fri 24-Dec-04 13:05:49

actually I wouldn't put kids in any kind of situation where they are asking strangers for money, red rag to dodgy villains if you ask me.

Carla Fri 24-Dec-04 13:13:03

I just wonder what sort of message those children must have had, from having had their parents ask them to do it. I don't begrude giving them money at all, but don't feel it was the right thing to do.

tinseltortoiseshell Fri 24-Dec-04 13:15:47

That's an interesting question - my gut reaction is to say 'no, only if for charity and I was with them, or as part of organised group, eg church, choir, school' but on the other hand, carol singing is a real tradition - and one of those things children always did as a matter of course. I don't think it's like trick or treat, as there's no threat involved. I would rather have littler children than teenagers on bikes like we got this week who bawl out 'Good King Wenceslas' out of tune and then expect a tenner (ok, I'm exaggerating ) . I really don't look at all those christmas cards with carol singers at a door, huddled round a lantern and think 'Well I hope that money is going to charity!'. But I'm not sure I would be comfortable with it either.

tinseltortoiseshell Fri 24-Dec-04 13:16:52

Also, meant to add, I would definitely only let children do it round our road and people we knew. When I was a student we used to do carol singing in the pubs to raise money for charity - now that took a bit of nerve I can tell you!

AMerryScot Fri 24-Dec-04 14:28:29


biglips Fri 24-Dec-04 15:32:35

deffo no as i wasnt allowed until i was 12 and i only allowed in the street..

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 15:38:20

definitely not - you havent heard my kids' voices

blossomgoodwill Fri 24-Dec-04 18:02:42

No way!!!

Kaysleighbells Fri 24-Dec-04 18:05:46

Not door to door, no. My ds1 sung at the local shops with the rest of his class and they collected for a local hospice. But i don't agree with the door to door bit. We have only had 1 lot of carol singers this year and i can't say i miss them at all.

EbenyZebraScrooge Fri 24-Dec-04 18:10:29

Probably I would as long as they were only caroling & not collecting money... being American, I find the money collection side very bizarre, very un-British, even.

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