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Well my candles are all lined up ready to be lit...

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soapboxingday Fri 24-Dec-04 12:44:06

1. For Bunglie, spuddy, cheesy, inkogneeto and post sue and all the other mothers who are tarred with the MSBP diagnosis.

2. For all the children who have been removed from their parents under allegations of MSBP.

3. For all the parents who have lost their children, Ross, Matthew, Matthew and Tom spring to mind - but I know that there are lots more!

4. For all those who are spending christmas without their dps, dhs, dexp's, dexh's - that 2005 brings romantic love back into your life and that by 2005 those that want it will be spending christmas with someone who loves and cherishes them.

5. For all those who are stuck in relentlessly awful and fearful relationships, Lulupops, Stressedmummy, smahingpumpkin, Lav2, and all the others who have posted during the year - I wish you all the strength in the world to leave these abusive men and find peace in 2005 for you and your children.

6. For all those struggling in debt and worry - that 2005 brings a bit of luck your way for a change!

7. For all those struggling with their weight - that you find the magic answer in 2005 and then keep it off (I never thought I would be starting 2005 4 stones lighter than 2004!)

8. For all those who have sick parents, children and other relies, that 2005 brings a speedy recovery or if the worst should happen the strength to deal with it!

9. For all those who are feeling down for what ever reason - that 2005 brings some relief and joy back into your life.

10. For all those who have had a great 2004 with none of the above worries - my sincere wishes that 2005 continues to deal you a fantastic hand

So Merry Christmas from me - I will be thinking of you all when I light the candles this evening!

Bugger - 10 candles - might as well light a bonfire really

saintnikcolas Fri 24-Dec-04 12:44:54


spacedonkey Fri 24-Dec-04 12:47:00

lol soapbox, you're so comprehensive!

I was thinking the same thing when I got my candles out today ready to light tonight - i.e. haven't got enough candlesticks. So tonight when I light my single candle I'm going to think of everyone on that list. I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas X

sallyhollyberry Fri 24-Dec-04 12:49:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigWamBam Fri 24-Dec-04 12:49:31

Oh, Soapbox ... you have brought tears to my eyes all over again.

Only one candle, I'm afraid - but it will be shining as bright as ten, for Bunglie and all of the other people you mention.

saintnikcolas Fri 24-Dec-04 13:08:45

i bought a nice sented one speshilly xxxxxxxxx

champs Fri 24-Dec-04 14:53:04

awww ty Soapbox. Love to you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas. And to all who read this too!!
<<whispers>> I'm not really here, I have far too much to do and it would be iresponsible for me to be here<<whispers>>

Santasluckylittlehelper Fri 24-Dec-04 16:57:33

Lovely post Soapbox. Candle up and ready to light. X

codswallop Fri 24-Dec-04 17:46:26

lovely post well done
mines for FF

MarsselectionboxLady Fri 24-Dec-04 17:50:32

Ditto Soapbox. What a gorgeous post.

My candles are ready to be lit. We've just come in from the Crib service and things are quietening down so the time is almost right.

You have all our prayers.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Fri 24-Dec-04 18:37:21

Am going to get dd to help me light the candles tonight before she goes to bed - then we are going up to look at the stars from her bedroom window and say a little prayer.
I will be saying a thank you for how incredibly lucky I am to have my two here with me tonight.

Merry Christmas to you all xxx

merrymarthamoo Fri 24-Dec-04 19:06:28

Message withdrawn

BunglieOnTopOfTheChristmasTree Fri 24-Dec-04 19:44:53

Soapbox...If there were a 'heart' emoticon it would be especially for you.

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