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Royal Mail AARRGGH - Rant

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AimsmumTheRedNoseReindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 10:37:15

I ordered a present for my DD for christmas and it was posted last friday first class recorded delivery, so i presumed it would come in time for christmas, by wednesday it still hadn't come, but I know it had been posted so I waited in the whole day yesterday for it (never stepped foot outside the door incase I missed it). Today I get a card through the door saying they called yesterday and there was noone at home to sign for it. There is no way anyone knocked on my door yesterday as either DD or myself would have heard it.
So phoned royal mail and they say sorry someone times this happens that postmen dont knock or whatever.....sorry!!!! But there is no way I can get the parcel now til next thursday. I am so angry
They sad the only thing they can do is make a note I have complained!!!!
Thanks for listening had to get that off my chest!!

SnowmAngeliz Fri 24-Dec-04 10:40:48

Hope it wasn't a thing she really wanted!!!
We ordered the V-tech v-smile from Early learning centre to be sent to dp's office,(which HAS a mail room and it was returned to depot!!!!!
Dp complained and they said it would Definately be there last Wed, it wasn't so we cancelled and got it from Argos!!!!

FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 24-Dec-04 10:50:15

We have had SOO many problems with royal mail where we are. What with moving house, having our DS, my birthday and xmas we have had loads of parcels. We have had to be making about three trips a week up to the delivery office to collect our parcels that the postman has not once bothered to try and deliver properly. We even had a recorded delivery item for which no card was posted through our door for attempted delivery.

My tens machine for my labour failed to arrive, they claimed they had tried to delivery it first thing in the morning on the day my waters broke, which is complete rubbish, and meant that we rushed around in the afternoon trying to get hold of one (DS was just over 2 weeks early)

DP has posted his new phone that was faulty back to the company, worth nearly £400, and yep, you've guessed it, it has been lost. They made us wait 20 days, now they are launching an investigation to find our what happened which could take up to 3 months! Royal mail are supposed to be making a million pounds a day, aren't they? I wonder how they are managing that then?! So sorry your daughter will miss out. Write a letter or make a complaint here , you never know they might send you some stamps as way of apology, they did when a key was stolen out of an envolope , 6 first class to compensate for having to change all the locks! Sorry, can you tell I hate this company?!

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 10:52:48

we have huge probs with RM too - A DVD i ordered from Amazon weeks and weeks ago never turned up, neither did the refund cheque, nor the replacement refund cheque! My Xmas swap hasn't turned up, nor has our mobile phone bills this month,

AimsmumTheRedNoseReindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 11:07:35

Thanks for your replies - at least I'm not alone and I do feel a bit better now I have calmed down.
It not something she knew she was getting but it was osmething she would have been delighted with IYKWIM, so at least she wont be disappointed!
6 stamps flosty - wow bet that really made up for it!!!
I'm off to write my letter of complaint (which will probably get lost in the post!!!)

merrykittymas Fri 24-Dec-04 11:51:43

Heres my rant 6 parcels have been posted to DD from all over the country and have failed to arrive. Only the recorded delivery ones arrive. I feel so bad because people are phoning asking if DD received her present and I'm like no they must think I'm a right cow for not phoning to thank them. I've phoned Royal Mail and all they could say was that the sender should put in a claim from with proof of purchase and postage, but a lot of the people who sent them paid for the items cash and haven't kept the receipt.

It's got to be someone stealing them as it's too many to be a coincidence someone suggested the postman??!!! but he seems like a nice enough man. It's disgusting someone would steal baby clothes

Gobbledigoose Fri 24-Dec-04 11:58:38

Well my Dad's present was apparently dispatched on 16th Dec but it's still not arrived (even though the website was telling me that if I ordered then I'd get it for Xmas ).

Also, a friend posted 2 parcels last Friday 1st class. Only one has arrived so ds3 hasn't got his - good job he's only 4 months and won't know anything about it. How would I explain it if he were older?!

Royal Mail are crap imo. Since they made all these changes, we regularly don't get post till gone 2pm in the afternoon and at least a couple of days a week we don't get anything at all. I know that means we just maybe didn't have any post, but I don't think we ever had a day with no post until the changes all came in. How on earth does abolishing a 2nd post mean that now you can't even get a first post till halfway through the afternoon?

eidsvold Fri 24-Dec-04 12:05:51

have had this both christmases in the Uk with dd - my mum sent a parcel last year( from autralia) that was recorded entering the Uk early december ( think from memory it was something like the 8th)and we got it mid January( 16th!!)!!! She even paid extra for straight quick air mail......

so far so good this time - with baby presents for dd2 and christmas....

BigGayDad Fri 24-Dec-04 12:11:47

Our postman is really good. When we have a package he reverses his normal round to ensure he delivers it to us before we go out!

Gobbledigoose Fri 24-Dec-04 12:15:27

How much are you paying him?!?!

maomao Fri 24-Dec-04 12:15:29

My parents sent us our Christmas presents a month ago (from the States), and they have yet to arrive.... Of course, that could be a problem with the US Postal Service, as opposed to Royal Mail. Either way, it's still irksome.

AimsmumTheRedNoseReindeer Fri 24-Dec-04 12:40:54

The most annoying bit though was when I phoned to complain and was told....Yes sometimes the postmen just don't knock on doors!!!! So how do they know if you are not in then?????
Oh well looks like DD will get another present a week later then.
Hope all your stuff eventually arrive too.
Merry christmas

dogwalkinginawinterwonderland Fri 24-Dec-04 13:27:41

I can't complain too much about RM as a postman turned round and delivered a package that he had already tried to deliver, when he saw my car driving into the Close. Although we have had to make a compensation claim against them recently when an item we had sold on E-bay never turned up. They paid out quite quickly though so we were able to give the guy his money back. Where is the item though? It was an electric guitar, quite large so not hidden in a corner of a sorting office somewhere, obviously now in some postmans house.

Dizzylizzy Fri 24-Dec-04 13:37:37

I also have had problems with Royal Mail, I bought a book MONTHS ago and it wasn't delivered, I gave them all the details they wanting including the recorded delivery no and I am STILL waiting for it to be sorted, the latest I received was just over a month ago and that was an e-mail asking me ALL the same details again. Also I bought a dressing gown last winter and it didn't arrive, so I contacted where I got it from and was refunded etc. Then this summer dh was doing the gardening and got the garden waste bin into the garden to put the rubbish in and there it was in all its glory at the bottom of the garden refuse bin.

I can also relate to getting goods that are supposed to be signed for just pushed through the letter box, when I once mentioned it the postman said 'I haven't got a card with me, don't worry about it', when i then replied its your job on the line he just turned and said 'they wouldn't be able to pinpoint it to me though would they', I couldn't beleive it.

Then they wonder why they have such a bad reputation, wonder what the postmans name is on E-bay, he must be raking it in

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 13:39:18

I had a card left through my letterbox last week at 7.25am and I just know i was up and sitting in the lounge. Annoyingly then i have to wait 24 hours before picking up hte parcel which probably hadnt even made it off my road

cranberryjampot Fri 24-Dec-04 13:40:16

Also yesterday I went into the local delivery office and asked if they were holding any post for me to which the PM asked "why would we be holding post for you if we haven't left a card?" Now there's a good frigging question.....

merrykittymas Fri 24-Dec-04 21:19:15

I don't think they deliver to us every day only once or twice a week cos we get nothing for 3 days then 12 letters at once.

GoodKingWestCountryLass Fri 24-Dec-04 21:59:47

I don't reckon they carry the parcels with them. I reckon they put that card through and say they knocked but no one answered and you have to collect it to save themselves having to lug packages around and cut out half their round. RM is a disaaster!

sparklymieow Fri 24-Dec-04 22:43:49

You are right GKWCL, my sister was away last week and my dad went over to check the house for her, and wait for a parcel, the parcel never turned up, but the next day a postwoman push a card through the door saying they had tried to deliver the previous day, my dad shot out the door after her and asked why the card wasn't put through the day before, she said she had no cards on her, so dad asked for the parcel, and she replied........ "its at the sorting office" My dad was a postman for 18 years and knows they are suppose to have the parcels, and he phoned the sorting office and had a right go....

dancer77 Fri 24-Dec-04 23:31:02

goodkingwestcountrylass I think you're right because why would they lug a parcel around and then take it away with them. Surely they would want to get rid of it asap. Our postman just leaves parcels outside the door - which is dodgy

FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 24-Dec-04 23:55:40

Well, after all our problems I lay in wait for our postman a few days ago. Hid in the hallway, waited for him to finish posting in the post boxes, went out to check, sure enough a parcel waiting for you card. So I ran down the road after him in my tres stylish pink socks. He said he didn't think the buzzers worked on our block of flats, that no-one was ever in, that he had only been doing this round for about 5 weeks and that he reckoned he had seen a group of boys sticking their hands in the letter boxes, which is why he didn't ever trying to post small parcels like cd's or dvd's into our boxes. He went to his car to get our parcel... can you guess what it was ? A DVD! Made a point of asking if I was normally in though, and said he would try to buzz in future. Time will tell.

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