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grumpy threads are pants if you ask me . . .

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Starofbethlibbhem Thu 23-Dec-04 23:39:24

I am in an odd mood tonight and I want to apologise if I come across as bolshy or arsey on other threads,

I have just started my Christmas Hols tonight and Mum phoned to let me know that Grandad died a few hours ago . . . my Grandmother, his wife, passed away 3-4 weeks ago. I guess he couldn't live without her. I feel sad but am happy they are together, they were married for 67 years or so, you can't ask for more than that can you?

So I am sorry for my sarky mood, some threads are too stressy for no reason - please forgive me if I speak out of term.

Going to be an odd Cristmas . . . so i want lots of wonderful stories when we all come back right?!

Happy Christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

miam Fri 24-Dec-04 08:46:14

Sorry to hear about your grandad and grandmother libb . I haven't noticed you being bolshy on here, but you have enough reason to be out of sorts to be forgiven. Hope you are ok. xxx

Starofbethlibbhem Fri 24-Dec-04 09:53:59

oh thank you, I had had a drink or two and threads that involve grumpy flouncing were grating my nerves so I was a little terse.

Am really a pussy cat in real life - I hope xxx

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