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my brother is missing

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oopsanta Thu 23-Dec-04 22:56:58

He lives in Amsterdam. Last year he had some sort of fight with his girlfroend and wanted to come home. he was lent some money by family and then didn't come home..
He sent my Mum a card for her birthday in May.
That's the last we have heard of him. None of his e-mail accounts seem to be working, his phone is unanswered, nothing.
How do we start looking for him?
We had sort of decided that if he hadn't made contact by christmas we would start worrying.
So now what? Anybody had experience of tracing a missing person in another country??

Christmassbee Thu 23-Dec-04 22:58:07

Message withdrawn

blossomgoodwill Thu 23-Dec-04 22:59:03

Salvation Army do that kind of thing

FeastofStevenmom Thu 23-Dec-04 23:01:09

you might find the National Missing Person's helpline useful as first point of contact - they should know who you could contact in Holland

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 23:01:29

Message withdrawn

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 23:01:58

Message withdrawn

mistletoe Thu 23-Dec-04 23:02:18

I would get in touch with the local police, who should be able to tell you about other agencies who might help with this

Festivepussy Thu 23-Dec-04 23:09:49

My brother is ill and has dissapeered off the face of the earth a few times. In this country though. We have rang the local police and whenever he has been in contact with them they have rung us up and just said hes still alive...not where he is, what hes been up to or anything, just hes still here, which as youll understand is nice to know.
There thankfully are organisations that do help find people. Good Luckx

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