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Help/Advice need for stocking fillers for 11 year old girl

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Lulu41 Mon 02-Dec-02 10:41:26

I am making up my partner's daughter's stocking this year and am wondering what an 11 year old girl likes these days - last year I managed with sweets and a some bits from Claire's Accessories but some of the stuff seems a bit too young for her now - any suggestions - please!!!

Tissy Mon 02-Dec-02 11:03:39

I have a 12 year old niece. She likes Claire's Accessories still. Fun pencil case items such as novelty rubbers, sharpeners, perfumed colured gel pens, basic make-up if she's allowed e.g an eye-shadow compact in neutral colours or a blusher/ lip colour cream. Mini perfume samples (you can get these from perfume counters in department stores)"novelty" socks/ underwear, packets of stickers, mini books.....any one else?

SoupDragon Mon 02-Dec-02 12:17:17

Lush bath things with lots of glitter in? Their Jingle Spells bath ballistic has silver stars in it and it turns the water purple (well, lilac). They have a Fairy Dust one with glitter in too.

bundle Mon 02-Dec-02 12:28:19

does she like music? rather than commit some pre-teen faux pas you could get her a cd case or a rack for her bedroom

janh Mon 02-Dec-02 12:50:38

Tesco have some nice little things in that pink smiley-girl range (can't remember its name), mirrors, stationery etc. I have bought some for 17 and 20 year old DDs so not too young for an 11!

You can get sets of tiny bottles of different coloured nail polish too, I assume she'll be allowed those?

Also Matalan have a huge selection of hair accessories, stick-on nail decorations and other things like that.

When mine were younger I used to trawl through places like Consumers Choice, Superdrug, Woolies of course, Stationery Box, those shops that sell remaindered books/puzzles...Kwiksave have antlers with flashing lights that play tunes, my DDs have those too (not that they're not terribly grown-up these days!) You can get quite a range of not-terribly-expensive things that don't look cheap. Good luck!

XAusted Mon 02-Dec-02 20:58:14

Tesco range is "Funky Friends" I think, I got some bits and pieces for an 11 yo girl from there. I would also go for Claires Accessories (belts, jewellery, make up) or Boots "Glitter Babes" stuff.

prufrock Mon 02-Dec-02 20:59:13

I found a wonderful cataloue the other day full of stocking fillery things. Its online here . Not necessarily all right for girls, but some wonderful stuff

mollipops Tue 03-Dec-02 08:29:23

Glitter hair gel, little notebooks, fake tattoos (if you can stand them), mini Bratz dolls, hair things...HTH!

CAM Tue 03-Dec-02 12:06:12

This is exactly the stuff that my 5 year old dd has as stocking fillers, go knows what she'll want or be like by the time she's 11.

janh Tue 03-Dec-02 12:39:25

CAM, don't panic - as I said mine still like a lot of the same things they had when they were smaller - she won't be looking for a Chippendales calendar or Bacardi Breezers or something!

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