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who's the biggest scrooge?

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moongirl Thu 23-Dec-04 20:02:25

my xmas future is just about to visit. I've just slammed the door shut in the face of 3 angelic christmas carollers--having whipped baby out of the bath and caused tantrum in DS1 by rushing past him to get to the door in time. Why did i answer the door at all? i though it would be a big chistmas delivery for me but it was just another bunch of fresh faced, rosy cheeked warblers wishing me a merry christmas. humph. please tell me you're worse than this.

JennisaurusUnderTheMistletoe Thu 23-Dec-04 20:03:38

I always slam the door on carollers, though that was normal!

SnowmAngeliz Thu 23-Dec-04 20:05:01

Last year i turned the bell off as dog goes beserk and dd gets woke up.
This year we haven't had any

I'm probably known as the miserable old git who doesn't answer!!!!

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