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Grubby cot sheets

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sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 18:03:11

Not sure how DS's cot sheets got so horrible-looking - partly a colour-run maybe - but I cannot get them to look respectable! Label says don't bleach. I use Napisan to soak, and in the hottest wash possible - also Vanish. What to do?

(Very housewifey query, sorry)

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 18:06:38

Message withdrawn

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 18:07:20

Message withdrawn

cupcakes Thu 23-Dec-04 18:07:56

Sorry but all I've had any luck with is...
...buying some more. John Lewis always have good elaticated ones at 'special purchase' in the sales.

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 18:43:29

Havent had any luck with biotex or glowhite in the past. What would happen if I bleached them?

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 18:45:24

Message withdrawn

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 18:47:24

Yes. Think I'll give it a go - nothing to lose but a squalid-looking sheet!

lockets Thu 23-Dec-04 18:49:59

Message withdrawn

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