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We've only got 2 xmas presents for our 1yo, mumsnet reasonableness check please!

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WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 16:52:36

Because she won't really know what's going on will she? And I'm figuring she'll like the wrapping paper more than the actual presents so we've just got her 2 little things (a thing you bash and a teletubby book). As I was wrapping stuff for everyone else, including ds, I suddenly wondered if I should have got her more. Far too late now to do anything about it but what do you all think? Did you get your 1yos more than this or did you wait until you thought they'd understand? All views welcome! Thanks.

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 16:54:40

I've left it to the family to buy for the DTs. They will have a whale of a time with everyone's wrapping paper and boxes. We've bought a couple of small toys and that is it. What you've done is pretty reasonable.

Santasluckylittlehelper Thu 23-Dec-04 16:55:07

It's fine www, we did just the same when ours were little.

motherinfestivemood Thu 23-Dec-04 16:56:24

Ours is getting a little trike, plus stocking, plus a small toy from her sister. And do you know, I had to remember what we'd got her.

Come to that, her big sister is getting one big present (a bike) plus stocking. They'll get MASSES from other people. Chill

Tinker Thu 23-Dec-04 16:57:25

I only got my daughter stuff thought she'd "need" anyway, that I would have got throughout the year. She was nearly 9 months at first Christmas so pushalong walker thing, a shape sorter, some ball toy, I think. I remember soemone asking me at work and telling him, and he carried on looking and said "What else?"

Tommy Thu 23-Dec-04 16:58:13

Very reasonable IMO! We bought DS1 a brick trolley for his first christmas - that's all, we didn't wrap it up and he didn't get it until the day after boxing day but he still uses it 2 years later! he got loads of presents from family and friends and his birthday is just after christmas anyway. I think you've very sensible - plenty of time to be buying loads of presents when they ask for them!

OldieMum Thu 23-Dec-04 16:58:14

We did get DD a bit more than that last Christmas, when she was nearly one, though I had had similar doubts. She did seem to understand that everyone was exchanging gifts and enjoyed it all, so I was glad she had more than just a couple of things, but they were mostly pretty small.

Tinker Thu 23-Dec-04 16:58:42

Next baby will get teh same. It's all up in the loft waiting to be recycled

Santasluckylittlehelper Thu 23-Dec-04 16:59:43

Now they're older I get mine essentials as well - socks, PJ's and stuff so they have more to open.

ZCMUM Thu 23-Dec-04 17:01:38

She will enjoy the fun of the day most of all, we haven't got our 1yo DD much, just a few small things, don't think she will sit for long to actually open them! Besides I totally agree with you www, she will definately be more interested in the paper!!!

xmashampermunker Thu 23-Dec-04 17:01:46

Brick trolleys seem a popular first Christmas choice - DS has one wrapped up under the tree! Just rescued his (wrapped up) lego from him too (got a massive bag of the big blocks from Tesco for next to nothing). He has a couple of other things - DH doesn't know about the trolley and he's bought something for DS I don't know about (apparently DS 'chose' it...!).

I'm sure your DD will get lots of other things from other people WWW, and no doubt she'll enjoy the paper more than anything anyway!

WideWebWitch Thu 23-Dec-04 17:27:01

Well thank you everyone. I've just remembered I do have a trolley of Lego upstairs which was ds's and which could be recycled for her. Plus my mum and sisters will get her things so I reckon she will end up having a few more than 2. OK, I am chilled! MI, you forgot to add 'and have a nice little drinkie'

mishiclaus Thu 23-Dec-04 17:31:21

my ds is 14mths and unfortunately i wish i had the willpower to only get a couple of things
he has loads and if i am honest it is wayyyy too much and half of it wont be played with he also has tons from other people as he is only grandchild...first of my friends to have a baby and he is our only child....its terrible cos i know feel guilty although most of it is books..he has about 10 wrapped...

Enideepmidwinter Thu 23-Dec-04 17:35:14

www, totally reasonable. We have recycled dd1's old kitchen for dd2's xmas present

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-04 17:46:41

I think you're being very sensible WWW and I'd say make the most of it., You know that once she's older she'll be pestering you for this and that and you'll look back on the days when she was happy with a thing you bash and a book with such fond memories.
And if it makes you feel better, we didn't even buy DS a present for his first birthday as we knew he would get so much from everyone else.

Caligulights Thu 23-Dec-04 17:50:37

Perfectly reasonable - gave mine shiny paper to play with! What's the point when they're that young?

xmashampermunker Thu 23-Dec-04 18:14:51

Ooh, also bought a treasury of stories for DS to have as his first Christmas pressie from Mummy and Daddy - we're both going to write in it for him.

You can never have too many books

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 18:29:47

We've bought 11-month-old DS a trike. That's it!

dancer77 Thu 23-Dec-04 18:58:16

mishiclaus I am like you I have just gone way over the top for ds. he's almost one and it's true he won't use half of it. I have got him things he's going to need taht I would by throughout the year so that makes me feel better. MIL has just bought him 2 santa sacks full of pressies then he's got my mums and my nans and my brothers presents plus everybody elses. DH suggested we should ave just got him one thing and then put some money in the bank for him,which I think we should have done now. We are just going to be overruled with presents and no where to put them. We haven't even got a loft.

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 19:01:00

DS was so excited with an empty Weetabix carton the other day, DP said we should just wrap that up for him!

cardigansarenotjustforxmas Thu 23-Dec-04 19:05:03

WWW - sounds great. Two things are fine - she'll love them.

DannieTheMisanthropicReindeer Thu 23-Dec-04 19:42:26

DS2 getting a set of plastic tableware cos he needs it and I may as well pretend it's a present, a rather tasteful xylophone that everyone will probably get a go at, and for some reason a pink bib with "Christmas fairy" on it that DH bought. I comfort myself with the thought that it'll really worry the in-laws We already have loads of clothes and toys and his favourite thing is empty boxes.

sis Thu 23-Dec-04 20:41:28

www, don't think of it as only two presents but more as wow! two lots of wrapping papers packaging to play with!

galaxy Thu 23-Dec-04 20:44:37

Wish I'd had your common sense last year. Two of dd's CHristmas presents this year are what I bought for last year. She had so many, I decided to keep them until now.

heavenlyghost Thu 23-Dec-04 20:46:50

www .... we didn't get DS anything for his first xmas (he was 4 weeks old) and we got him ONE present for his second christmas (13 months) ... he got loads from family so it was no big deal.
DD is 11 months (nearly) and we have three presents for her ... a shape sorter, something she can bash and a dolly which DS chose himself (after much deliberation in the shop he chose one with a soft body: "So she can cuddle her, mummy" and a nice face: "Some of those dolls are really ugerly aren't they mummy?"
I have got a couple of other things which she will get for her birthday ...
I think 2 is plenty for a one year old ... I know that DD will just love sitting in all DS's wrapping paper!

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