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When to open presents - we're away over Christmas

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ladymuck Thu 23-Dec-04 08:50:31

We're staying with the in-laws for Christmas in Ireland. We're bringing an extra case for presents for the dss, but their presents from grandparents etc will stay here. We fly off tomorrow.

Would we "spoil" Christmas by opening some of the presents not coming with us today? Or will they have present fatigue by the time we get back (next Wednesday) and not be interested. Ds1 is almost 4 (ds2 won't mind either way at 19 months).

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Thu 23-Dec-04 08:53:34

DS is nearly 4 and we have the same problem (although going to Manchester)

Have decided to leave presents here and open when we return

He has such a lovely time up there that he's normally sad to leave so this will be something to look forward

think its far harder to open something, want to play with it then leave it behind

(DD 7 months also will not care)


katzguk Thu 23-Dec-04 09:11:11

we let DD open one huge present this morning because it won't fit in the car!! but that was mainly to give her somehting new and exciting to play with so that DH can finishing the packing and clean the car out whilst i'm at work. plus we thought that since she's only 2 all the parcels at once will be a bit over whelming. We will possibly leave some of her other bigger parcels at home for when we get back.

So we're doing a mixture of both! some early, some on time and some late

vict17 Thu 23-Dec-04 09:11:45

We've only got an 8 month old who won't know what's going on but we're off to my family on Xmas Day but have loads of pressies from dh's family here. So as dh has the day off work tomorrow we're having on own little Xmas here tomorrow. Dh is even talking about cooking a duck! and will open our presents to each other here too so we don't need to pack them. So 2 Xmas'!!!

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