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Anyone know any nice e-card sites for Xmas cards?

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feastofstevenmom Wed 22-Dec-04 16:32:28

Sorry if this has been done before...

Bramshott Wed 22-Dec-04 16:35:50

I was sent this link earlier - but I haven't been there yet!

ZCMUM Wed 22-Dec-04 17:28:03

You could try

tweetyfish Wed 22-Dec-04 17:51:43

I noticed that Great Ormond Street Hospital have got nice e-cards, you need to donate £5, but this entitles you to send 50 cards I think.

sleepdeprived Wed 22-Dec-04 19:32:32 is the Great Ormond St site. You can send up to 100 cards for only £5, and can send the same card to multiple addressees, which is good for lazy types like me

mrschristmaswallace Wed 22-Dec-04 20:36:37

123 and hallmark cards are great and free!

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