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I am bored bored bored bored bored

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ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 14:28:39

Thats not saying i don't have anything to do, cos i do, washing, cleaning etc, but am having a can't be arsed day and am bored.

Anyone else ??

moschops Wed 22-Dec-04 14:32:45

totally.........i do about 20 mins housework then think 'i'll just check mumsnet' and spend about an hour looking at rubbish on the net!!

i really need to get the housework done though or i'll be doing it on christmas morning, from tomorrow i'll be so busy with work that will be the next chance i have!!

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 14:45:30

LOL that what i do.

I still have to clean the whole house, put washing away, do more washing, wrap loads of pressies and generally do alot more than sit here all day.

mishiclaus Wed 22-Dec-04 14:45:51

same here
I have sooo much cleaning today but its never ending....really not in the mood at all
havwnt even wrapped half xmas stuff and have got visitors coming out my ears...all witnessing my pigstye of a

Flumberrysauce Wed 22-Dec-04 14:58:54

Me too too too. And I'm at work work work

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 14:59:55

ive done all the cleaning !!!!!! but i ve done no xmas food shoping yet and i havent even wrapped dds presant s

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:01:50

Want to get blind drunk really, but it is a bit early isn't it ??

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:02:53

never to early nutty xxxxx

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:04:47

Yeah but i have to cok the tea and stop the kids from murdering each other, otherwise i would believe me.

Have resorted to singin along with my rahter loud music now

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:05:14

what u listening to ?

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:05:48

No one has answered my other thread so i'll ask you lot.

Are yahoo chat rooms a bad idea ???

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:06:02

Avril Lavigne

Minstrel Wed 22-Dec-04 15:06:59

Can I join the bored gang. Was quite enjoying Paul O'Grady at 5pm weeknights whilst cooking the tea, what have we got now - Family Fortunes I ask you!!

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:07:31

ive never been in a chat room before sorry

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:09:13

hi Minstrel, ur bored to then ? i think we should all get drunk !!!!

SuzyStockings Wed 22-Dec-04 15:11:07

I'm at work and bored. Can I join??

I have a tone of stuff to do at work, I have done nothing to prepare for Christmas no prezzies wrapped or anything. oops. My mind, body and soul have gone on strike

blossomgoodwill Wed 22-Dec-04 15:11:21

I am bored and fed up It's such an awful day, miserable!

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:12:29

Blimey Family Fortunes....awful

SuzyStockings Wed 22-Dec-04 15:17:57

With Les Dennis? Excellent!!

Minstrel Wed 22-Dec-04 15:18:17

We could always start the Cyber bar early.....

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:18:51

Am just imagining dp's face if he came home to find me a bit tiddly and the livivng room in the state it is in now, and the dishes piled highg in the sink.

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:19:24

Go on then Minstrel, do the honours

saintnikcolas Wed 22-Dec-04 15:19:34


Minstrel Wed 22-Dec-04 15:21:25

Right then, bar is now open, nibbles are out and sorry but 80's music ONLY!! Will take requests .....

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:21:42

God feel like i could burst into tears now , what is wrong with me today.

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