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My Hotmail account has dissapeared

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ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 13:46:03

Just tried to log in and it said that my net.passport doesn't support it or something like that.

I was only on there checking emails the other day, where can it have gone to ??

I really need it to.

Rogue Wed 22-Dec-04 13:47:15

** goes to check hers quick **

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 13:48:49

If i try and open a new account it says it's currently unavailable or something because of a fault with the net.passport.

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 13:49:37

Message withdrawn

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 13:50:45

Oh god, i had unread emails on there too

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 13:51:42

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 13:52:23

mine's ok

there was a thread about this yesterday, perhaps it's a problem with the ISP rather than hotmail?

i'm on telewest

ChristmasCracker Wed 22-Dec-04 13:53:21

I'm with aol, and if it is their fault they will be getting a rocket up their a&& i have had enough of them

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Dec-04 13:54:30

Message withdrawn

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