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Donate a toy for Christmas - were can you do it?

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buffettheturkeylayer2 Wed 22-Dec-04 12:14:03

I have some new toys and want to find somewhere that collects toys and gifts to give to families who might not have anything this Christmas. My mum thought that Boots had a drop off point - does this sound right or can anyone suggest somewhere else?

MariNativityPlay Wed 22-Dec-04 12:14:49

Superdrug are collecting for the Salvation Army to distribute buffet!

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Wed 22-Dec-04 12:39:19

Message deleted

pixiefish Wed 22-Dec-04 12:56:43

our local council are doing something called a christmas tree appeal and they will be distrubuting to poorer families. Have your local council got a similar scheme?

LipstickMum Wed 22-Dec-04 13:06:19

I know that Superdrug were collecting for the This Morning Christmas gift donation appeal.

Minstrel Wed 22-Dec-04 13:08:23

My mum does this every year and hands a wrapped present with age details to her local branch of Boots

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