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Britax Rennaissance Car Seat from what size????

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TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Wed 22-Dec-04 09:27:09

Arrgggh .. can't find the original info

does anyone happen to know from what size I can put DD in DS's old Britax Rennaissance car seat

she's almost 8 months
she sits up fine
she weighs 19lbs


PamiNativity Wed 22-Dec-04 09:29:48

I put dd2 into hers at about 8 months as she was a big baby and no longer fitted her baby car seat. I think that the guidelines are from 20lbs and 9 months for all forward facing car seats though, but we just couldn't keep her cramped in the old seat any longer. I felt that the Renaissance is such a safe car seat (so it should be, given how much it weighs!) that it wouldn't do her any harm.

hana Wed 22-Dec-04 09:31:33

our dd was in this car seat at about 14 months - she's small for her age, it was when she was over 9kg which was the rearfacing limit.

misdee Wed 22-Dec-04 09:39:22

from bitax site.

9kg to 18kg (approximately 9 months to 4 years)

A state-of-the-art seat providing unique and simple to use harness and headrest adjustment Customer Service
01264 386034

Deep, softly padded side wings for optimum side impact protection
The unique seat-belt tensioner helps to ensure a secure fit to protect your child in the event of a crash
The Adjusta-fit System means you can easily adjust the headrest and harness height without needing to rethread the shoulder straps
The 5 positions ensure a comfortable journey for your child whether awake or asleep, playing or dozing!
The slim base gives a good fit in modern sculpted car seats

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Wed 22-Dec-04 09:43:01

thanks all

seems she's on the cusp of changing over

now do I do it now (as have a 230 mile trip tomorrow) or wait a month or two?

mmm .. incable of making any kind of decision today (even dithered about what to put on my toast and ended up with both marmite AND cottage cheese .. quite yummy )

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Wed 22-Dec-04 09:43:31

19lbs is 8.67kilos BTW so she's just under

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