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Face transplants!!!!!

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Tinker Thu 28-Nov-02 22:28:43

Read about these today. What do you think?

Bizarrely, doctors in the US are hoping to soon be able to transplant the faces of dead people onto badly scarred/damaged faces of living people. For kids, they think up to the age of 6 would be about right since kids are not so used to their own face by this age !!!!!!!!!

The idea being that muscle will be able to be transplanted to enabale facial expressions unlike a skin graft which gives a mask like appearance.

My first instinct was that this seems extremely ghoulish.

But, of course, on a trivial note which dead person's face would you like to have?

Quite fancy turning up to work looking like Ava Gardner myself but it would be pretty funny to spook people out with an Elizabeth I face!!!

bossykate Thu 28-Nov-02 22:34:48

melinda messenger? gwyneth paltrow? jennifer aniston? linda fiorentino? sigourney weaver?

any of the above would do for me!

Tinker Thu 28-Nov-02 22:35:49

bossykate - I think they have to be dead to have their face removed

bossykate Thu 28-Nov-02 22:55:50

that's part of the ethical dilemma, no?

poor melinda might be in a bit of trouble given everyone seems to hate her on CBB - can't see why. jealousy maybe?

SnoobyKat Fri 29-Nov-02 06:41:01

Ooooer! Not for me. I'm a coward. Got freaked out by watching the Travolta/Cage movie.

Snooby "GotScaredWatchingJurassicPark!" Kat

SoupDragon Fri 29-Nov-02 07:34:41

Is it really more ghoulish than any other sort of transplant though??

Is Audry Hepburn dead? I only want her younger face though, I don't want to inherit someone elses' wrinkles & lines.

SnoobyKat Fri 29-Nov-02 08:58:57

No SoupDragon. I don't think it is. Seriously though, if it can be used to help people then I'm for it. My mother's best friend suffered all her life from people's looks and comments, being pointed at or being sidelined. And all because she had cancer of the face which left her terribly scarred so much so that plastic surgery wasn't an option.

aloha Fri 29-Nov-02 09:22:28

Christy Turlington's face is MINE! She's not dead? She could be...

carriemac Fri 29-Nov-02 13:58:23

I used to work with that face transplant doc many moons ago, talk about narciscistic even then
(him not me obviously)

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