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Paypal users, please help....

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yuleicorn Tue 21-Dec-04 11:08:20

I haven't used my account for a while, but it appears my money transfers are now via e-cheque, which takes some time (12 days I think) to clear.

Anyone know why this has happened?

(I did have to stop a payment, which had gone through to wrong account.. maybe that is something to do with it?)

yuleicorn Tue 21-Dec-04 11:17:26

any ideas anyone?

serenity Tue 21-Dec-04 11:40:20

not a clue, sorry! Bumping it up in case someone more knowledgeable is about..,...

Festivepussy Tue 21-Dec-04 11:56:08

If you go to the ebay q and a pages they will tell pages they are called. Its not just you...its everyone...maybe you have a personal account only, the one where you dont pay fees to have and they are making you suffer for it...its something like that...nothing you have done though, just a change in the way they do things..HTH

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