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Who do you tip and how much?

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FlashingRudolphNose Tue 21-Dec-04 10:49:42

I've absolutely no idea, apart from 10% at the hairdressers and restaurants. Do you tip delivery men (e.g. when you're having something like a sofa or fridge delivered)? Do you give dustmen and postmen tips at Christmas? Would you tip a porter at a hotel?


sandyballs Tue 21-Dec-04 10:57:23

I'm a bit stingy with tips unless I have had superb service. DH is over generous - I have been known to slip a couple of quid in my pocket as I leave a restaurant behind him

FlashingRudolphNose Wed 22-Dec-04 14:15:07


morningpaper Wed 22-Dec-04 14:17:12

We give the paperboy a tenner - it's the same boy all the time and they only get paid about 2p a week.

We normally leave a tenner for the postman too, even though he is a bit drunk every morning...

alexsmum Wed 22-Dec-04 15:15:09

we usually give the binmen a xmas box as i wouldn't like to be them, emptying our bin of all the stinky disposable nappies!!!1

bonniej Wed 22-Dec-04 15:18:44

my window cleaner came yesterday to clean the windows and usually calls back for his cash on a Friday. Instead he knocked on the door and stood there smiling, but didn't say anything. I was a bit puzzled and was just looking back at him when it dawned on me he must be after a xmas tip! Didn't have any cash so have told him to come back. Very cheeky I thought, but hey ho if you don't ask and all that! I pay him £4 for doing the windows so am gonna give him a tenner. I think that's about fair,

Cinderellascarrieg Wed 22-Dec-04 15:21:08

About 15 - 20% in restaurants - done my share of waitressing, so I know it's appreciated. Not up in time for the binmen. What's a hairdresser?

xmashampermunker Wed 22-Dec-04 15:37:04

Has anyone seen the scene in Reservoir Dogs about tipping in restaurants? I've waitressed and done bar work and with waitressing you get much better tips than bar work, but with bar work you put up with a lot more! I used to get drinks bought for me sometimes though (NEVER by women - interesting...! But I doubt I'd ever buy a barmaid a drink, so fair enough! Is it a man thing?).

If I've had superb service, I'll tip handsomely, but if they've just taken my order, brought me my food and drink, brought me the bill and taken my money after an average amount of time, why the heck should I?! Isn't that just the job of waitressing?! I never leave the extra as an addition on the card either - I always leave my tips in real money to make sure they actually go to the waiter/ress for whom they are intended!

hana Wed 22-Dec-04 15:45:24

restaurants, hair salons, beauty salons, cleaner and babysitter at Christmas. Also garbage men, milkman and postman at Christmas.

No one tips me for doing my job!!

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