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So who's not around anymore then? Missing mumsnetters.........................

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Aero Thu 13-Mar-08 23:40:14

Haven't seen StGeorge around and was wondering about her, then seen on another thread that she's gone!

Also, not seen WelshBoris or QueenofQuotes for ages. Haven't seen DumbledoresGirl for a bit either.........anyone shed any light?

Who else hasn't been around for a while?

Aero Thu 13-Mar-08 23:41:43

Of course, I tend to start these threads in the dead of night, so understand if I'll have to bump my own thread tomorrow!

southeastastra Thu 13-Mar-08 23:41:44


soapbox Thu 13-Mar-08 23:42:14

QofQ is FAQ now and is posting regularly. DG was on the other day. I thought Wb has name changed but don't know what it is. Haven't seen StG around for a while.

colditz Thu 13-Mar-08 23:42:38

QOQ is around, but disguised.

FAQ Thu 13-Mar-08 23:43:08

Yes I'm here (FAQ) smile

soapbox Thu 13-Mar-08 23:43:21

Not any more she ain't - oopsblush

FAQ Thu 13-Mar-08 23:43:35

duh (QoQ) that should say blush

FAQ Thu 13-Mar-08 23:44:30

it's ok soupy - I wasn't intending to disguise mysefl grin

Aero Thu 13-Mar-08 23:46:36

I should have known QoQ wouldn't disappear completely, but despite namechanges, she's usually recognisable by writing style. How did I miss that one?!

WB was Borisof Walesfor a while, but i didn't know of another namechange!

I can't keep up to all this namechanging. <<Aero vows never to namechange unless she does something really bad in mn world!>>

Aero Thu 13-Mar-08 23:47:51

Qoq grin Glad to see you're still here!

Mamazon Thu 13-Mar-08 23:51:51

i knew there was a reason i thought FAQ had been here for yonks lol

So is Wlshy still about then?

FAQ Thu 13-Mar-08 23:52:45

lol Mamazon - that's because I have - I was Gwenick before Qoq!

DiscoDizzy Fri 14-Mar-08 00:18:07

I thought welshboris was on a break - or did i imagine it?

LadyOfWaffle Fri 14-Mar-08 00:21:54

I ask on every thread... SmileysPeople has been AWOL for ages, probably waaay over a year.

expatinscotland Fri 14-Mar-08 00:23:14

where's NotAnOtter

WendyWeber Fri 14-Mar-08 00:25:06

She's around, expat smile

Congratulations, btw!

EachPeachPearMum Fri 14-Mar-08 00:25:29

NAO is here, and posts frequently...she has a new name wink

erm- its not ME though!

anorak Fri 14-Mar-08 00:31:34

Congratulations, Wendy? Are you pg expat?

WendyWeber Fri 14-Mar-08 00:33:50


And so is misdee!!!!!!!!


WendyWeber Fri 14-Mar-08 00:34:46

(I want to post a congratulations to her too but not sure where to put it smile)

FAQ Fri 14-Mar-08 00:35:59

omg - really expat too!!!!! link please??

WendyWeber Fri 14-Mar-08 00:41:37

Both on here, FAQ smile

FAQ Fri 14-Mar-08 00:44:44

thanks - had read that thread - seen misdee's announcement and congratulated her - but didn't realise expat is too!!!

anorak Fri 14-Mar-08 00:53:47

Yes thanks Wendy, the news on that thread is just fab smile

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