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Anyone trained in sign language ??

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ChristmasCracker Mon 20-Dec-04 15:00:47

That doesn't sound right.....hmmm anyway

Have always been interested/fascinated by it and was thinking of signing up for an introduction to BSL course in Jan or April. It is a 6 week course, just to give you a taster of it really so that you can then decide wether to do BSL level 1.

Just wondered if anyone had done the courses or was already fluent (is that the word i mean ?) in it.

serenity Mon 20-Dec-04 15:42:22

No, but I really want to. I was going to start last September but it didn't work out. I'm planning on doing it in a couple of years when DD starts school.

DH works with a lot of BSL interpreters and it really is a worthwhile thing to do. There is quite a shortage as well. DH often has a lot of problems finding interpreters, and they are pretty well paid!

ChristmasCracker Mon 20-Dec-04 15:45:14

Yes i read on a site the other day about the being a shortage.

At the mo the Jan introduction course is full up so i may have to wait until April.
It appeals to me because even if i go on to level 1, it is still only one day a week, so not too much pressure.

I might do a childcare course aswell as i would like to work with deaf/hard of hearing children really.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 15:46:58

It's something I have considered learning but haven't got as far as looking into. Would be interested to know how you go about this type of thing and where, what would be the best course to learn with.

ChristmasCracker Mon 20-Dec-04 15:54:57

They do the intro and level 1 and 2 at adult education centres Sparkler.

Once you have done levels 1 and 2 you can do an nvq and or degree i think, not to sure on that bit yet.

taramac Mon 20-Dec-04 15:55:35

I started BSL Level 1 and completed @ 6 months of it but had to pull out due to illness.

Was really amazing but hard work and our teacher was deaf so sometimes it was hard understanding everything as you didnt have the language to communicate with her but also brilliant as you could really 'see' the language in action.

littlemissbossy Mon 20-Dec-04 15:57:42

look on the education section on for a local course

serenity Mon 20-Dec-04 16:02:02

Have a look here to find a course near you. DH recommended CACDP courses to me.

It does look like hard work, I mean its not like you're just learning gestures that follow English - it's a whole new language with its own rules, and you use your face and expressions as well as your arms and gestures.

Worth it though I think!

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 21:35:39

Think I'm going to look into this in the new year. Thanks for your advice.

charlie95 Mon 20-Dec-04 21:58:02

i did stage 1 bsl some years ago now. it's great to learn. i enjoyed it and was set on working with deaf/partially children. so decided to go on to stage 2 as this was very necessary for such a job. but pulled out after a few mths as it was so hard, and i started work elsewhere. years went on and have never worked with it - i passed stage 1 though, and can still remember a lot of it.

ds wih SN has been taught some sign along wihich is similar to bsl and makaton as part of his speech therapy but i didnt use it constanlty with - he picked up signs quickly such as more, ball, biscuit simple words.and hterfore goes hahdn in hand with learning to speak or say things.

its great that many people are taking an interest in bsl and i wish them luck. perhaps the cousrse/exams have changed a bit since i did it but i know stage 2 is lot harder and stage 3 impossible - which are needed to teach deaf.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 21:59:39

So does anyone have family or close friends with which to use SL or have you just learnt it as an interest?
I would be learning as an interest in the hope of using it out in the big wide world one day.

charlie95 Mon 20-Dec-04 22:18:03

i am intetreted but at the time of learning was in college nneb training and used sl a bit in special needs school for work experience. plus found 2 friends in college both partially deaf so practised on them!

but i do think its shame when deaf people carry on that other people cannot speak their language and struggle to get by in every day living for eg recently dh and i discovered a nice little coffee shop in our town one lunch time. an older couple both deaf came in, the man chose a table and the lady went to make an order. bless her - she had to write down everything that they both wanted. its situations like this that should have more people wiht at least a little knoweldge of sign language, even just simple every day one word signs. .

MistltAeroAndWine Mon 20-Dec-04 22:46:49

I also did BSL stage 1 several years ago mainly out of interest but we have deaf people in our extended family. My SIL's sister and her dh are both profoundly deaf. We don't see them often, but I am so glad I did the course, because although basic, it meant I was able to 'chat' to them and get to know them a little at a family occasion. They were also delighted that someone who is hearing had taken the time and opportunity to learn their language (at least to some degree). I must say I really enjoyed doing the course. Our teacher was also deaf and though daunting at the beginning, it was soon easy to understand what he was teaching us. It's also a great way to lose any inhibitions you might have about thinking you 'look stupid' trying. You really want to make people understand, so the inhibitions just go out the window and confidence grows.
Would like to have tried Stage 2, but by that stage, I was pregnant with ds1 and we moved away and I've never got around to it since. I think I will do it sometime though and will probably have to do a refresher course for stage 1!
I think you'd enjoy it Nutty - I certainly did so if you're interested, you should give it a go. It's also a good way of meeting new friends.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 22:49:04

Do you think it would be of benefit if I was to learn it then? I don't know anyone that uses the language and am not sure if I will ever use it in the future. I guess it is always handy to have for an unexpected situation???

coppertop Mon 20-Dec-04 22:51:18

I've picked up a fair bit of BSL over the years but would love to do a proper course. As I wear 2 hearing-aids people sometimes assume that I must know BSL well and sign to me. If I ever get time and transport arranged I'd like to complete a course in BSL.

MistltAeroAndWine Mon 20-Dec-04 22:57:37

It certainly can't do any harm Sparkler1 and I have had other (though not many) opportunities to use it since I did it. It's fun to do the course though and imo, well worth the effort. Btw, my SIL's sister both signs and lipreads, but her dh only signs, so it was particularly good to get to know him better. You never know when it will come in handy. I've been able to practice and help out a little by sort of interpereting for total strangers who were having trouble getting a hearing person to understand them in a cafe situation.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 23:00:00

Sorry for all the questions. Did you go along to the course on your own or did you go along with another friend. Not sure how I would feel going along to something like this on my own. especially when I have no experience in the subject at all.

MistltAeroAndWine Mon 20-Dec-04 23:03:10

I had a friend who'd done it before me and I felt totally inspired by her, so I nervously went along and booked the course and went along on my own. Once the ice was broken though, it was great fun and we all enjoyed the course. No-one in our class knew anyone else, but we all chatted to each other in the break and celebrated after the exam together in the pub!

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Mon 20-Dec-04 23:18:31

Thanks M&W - makes me feel a lot better about going for it!!

MistltAeroAndWine Tue 21-Dec-04 19:54:04

I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you do. Good luck.

ChristmasCracker Tue 21-Dec-04 20:15:01

Thanks for all the info, am going to try and book the introduction course after xmas

onlyjoandthethreekings Tue 21-Dec-04 20:28:44

go for it i did BSL level 1 some years ago as i worked with a young lad for whom BSL was his only language, i loved it but what i found difficult was cos i am left handed, i had done some bsl before but right handed, so had to remember to do one or the other,i do spend a bit of time at my DD's special school so get to use it a bit but sadly have forgotten lots

SantaClausfrau Tue 21-Dec-04 20:49:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 18:50:38

Was just wondering if anyone decided on doing the courses for BSL?

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