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Men ... sometimes I despair!

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jinglebelljodee Sun 19-Dec-04 09:51:34

Is it just me, or would this get your goat?

We treated ourselves this week to a portable DVD player for the car to keep ds (AGED 4) entertained on very long journeys(we only have a video player at home).

We just got 2 DVDs for him to watch, Thomas the Tank and a Buzz Lightyear cartoon. Fine, I thought.

DH and DS went to Wales yesterday so DVD player was very handy indeed.

Then they went shopping! DH thought it would be a "good idea" to go into HMV and let DS choose 2 DVDs himself ... this is where I hold my head in my hands and go "arrrghhhhh!"

DS picked Garfield the Movie - so what, you say? Well I had just last week bought this on video for DS for Christmas, TOLD DH I HAD DONE THIS THIS AS WELL, and wrapped it up <<sigh>>

DS is a Spiderman nut, but so far I have only let him see the cartoon version (occasionally). So he picks Spiderman the Movie (1st one), which is a 12 certificate, and watches it in the car on the way home, "it had a few scary bits", says DS.!

Now we've got it, I can't very well not let him see it (unless it "accidently" breaks).

Whatever happened to adult supervision? Just makes me wonder if he'd let DS pick up a 15 or 18 cert would he have let him have that too? Arrgghhhhh!

makealist Sun 19-Dec-04 10:14:26

That seems to be about on par for a man, bet he's got no idea what your p*ed off about and turn it around so that your the thoughtless one!

moschops Sun 19-Dec-04 10:15:35


yeah that would really annoy me too.

what did your dh have to say for himself?

cranberryjampot Sun 19-Dec-04 10:20:48

yes that would happen here too. He let the children watch "The Day after Tomorrow" which was ok for dd but now every time it snows, rains, really windy etc, ds wants to watch it to see what the next step will be.

coppertop Sun 19-Dec-04 10:22:28

It would annoy me too. Grrrr!

jinglebelljodee Sun 19-Dec-04 10:47:55

Oh, well it was all a fuss about nothing, as far as he was concerned! "If you don't want him to watch Spiderman, then don't". Ahhh, let ME play the bad parent!

Couldn't see it being a problem that he would have two of the same movies - one is on DVD and one on Video, he can watch one indoors and one when we are in the car, what's the problem there, then? But ds will just say "I've got that one already!" when he opens his pressie on Christmas Day! So it's another trip for ME back to Woolworths to swap it for something else.

He's done other things on a whim which have wound me up - he was out for the day with DS and just "happened" to be going past ToysRus. Bought a fairly expensive Scalextric for ds (it wasn't his birthday or Christmas, which was the first thing that annoyed me), but it was far too advanced for a 4 year old, more like 8+, DH got frustrated trying to put the thing together, now it sits in its box the garage!

wrapmefestively Mon 20-Dec-04 10:15:31

My dh has a picture of a racing car in his study. It is a car that used to be driven by a now dead formula one driver (can't remember which). He thought it would be a good idea to explain to our 2 year old that the car was driven by a man who drove too fast in it and then crashed and died...(what???...why...???)

Now dd says pretty much every time we are in the car ....."too fast, too fast" (generally when I am pootling along at 30 mph)

Men often lack common sense when it comes to children....

jinglebelljodee Thu 23-Dec-04 15:42:25

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! He's done it again! Only TWO days to Christmas, I'm working so DH is in charge of ds again. Where does he take him today, with TWO days to go to Christmas (sooo cross I'm repeating myself!)???

ToysRUs! We will be deluged with presents and he takes him there...

... and the best bit <<spitting feathers>> ... he buys him something that I've already bought him for Christmas YET AGAIN! MEN!

ChristmasBOOZA Thu 23-Dec-04 16:09:40

Can't you wait until DS is in bed and then send DH back with the original to change while you drink wine and chill out. Then make him re-wrap.

i know thats only part of the issue because you really don't want DS getting all these presents two days before Christmas but might help a little bit.

anorak Thu 23-Dec-04 16:11:56

I know jodee. I have had a big go at my dh recently for not listening to me. It seems out of every two things I tell him he only registers one. Makes me feel unimportant.

We have to comfort ourselves with feeling superior I guess

Festivepussy Thu 23-Dec-04 16:13:49

I completely sympathise I have had the exact situations you describe at least twice in the last 7 years...
Also one cold autumn day...DD1 being a nightmare Daddy says "Right thats it WE ARE NOT GOING TO THE ZOO"
Half an hour under the inpression we are going to get the weekly shop instead, I find us heading to the zoo, no coats, no drinks, no nappys you get the picture...
Pity theres not a trade in center

BigGayDad Thu 23-Dec-04 16:28:49

Oi, I know mothers who are just the same (not Mrs BGD obviously). It isn't a strictly male preserve.

Nor parent only, Grandparents are often worse (however, I do think that it is in their job description)

KristmasBear Thu 23-Dec-04 16:30:07

Imagine us all when the DHs and DPs have been off work and at home all over Christmas.....AAAAARGH.

My DH is at home with the kids. Just phoned for a chat cos am bored at work. Apparently the house is trashed but he's too tired to tidy up and is leaving it for me when I get in from work at 7pm and he's going to the pub.

I feel a pitstop at the offie coming on!!!

ChristmasBOOZA Thu 23-Dec-04 16:33:48

Agree with BGD about grandparents.

Have quite an issue with DH not listening to me. Not this sort of problem but I ask him to do a simple thing for him and he doesn't and it causes me repercussions. eg He's working at home knocking off about 5 and I ring up at 3.30 pm and ask him to put a quiche in the oven and he agrees. Get home with DS and DD in tow at 6 and the oven is off and he denies I asked him to do it, then says "I wasn't really listening to you because I was reading an e-mail". Agree with Anorak that its as though I'm not important.

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Thu 23-Dec-04 16:40:47

My dh always goes out and buys presents for the children after I have told him I have already bought more than enough. I suppose he just wants to be involved and feeling like he has something to do with the children... Pity he can't be more practical, like cooking them some meals or taking them out somewhere...

KristmasBear Thu 23-Dec-04 17:17:19

I agree about grandparents. My MIL insists on giving my kids lollipops. I hate them, it's my pet hate. Have asked 18 million times - please don't buy lollipops. She still does. I throw them in the bin and buy my kids some other sweets to replace them!!

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