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mrschristmaswallace Sat 18-Dec-04 22:08:18

not looking for attention or someone to say dont worry about it, im really really overweight!
have never been this big before, i even weighed less when fully pregnant.
im on efexor for pnd and have previously been on fluoxitine....but i feel no better and i CANT STOP EATING.
its getting me so down, i feel like the self destruct buttons been pushed and i have no control any more.
i know i wouldnt stick to slimming club as id gorge as soon as i got home but i really need to gain some control.please help if you can.

WigWamBam Sat 18-Dec-04 22:10:53

Some ads do cause an increase in appetite, do you think it might be the efexor causing this? It might be worth having a chat with your GP and seeing if he thinks a change of prescription might help.

mrschristmaswallace Sat 18-Dec-04 22:14:38

read up on fluoxetine and they said they were used for bulemia! so that wouldnt have helped, but never found anything on these?, he knows my weight probs and is normally very goo, he said initially it was comfort eating which is probably right, but im not feeling any better so gorging is still going on..really, i cant eat enough, if we have biscuits in, i could easilly eat 5 a day, i was never compulsive like that before.

feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 22:25:34

got the same problem (on prozac atm) not that overweight but still am eating far too much junk food.

all I can suggest is not getting any junk food in the house - and having relatively low cal stuff in for when you get the munchies

and drinking loads of water - as sometimes you are thirsty not hungry

WigWamBam Sat 18-Dec-04 22:26:45

Googled efexor and the manufacturer's leaflet (here definitely states that it can cause changes in appetite. I'd definitely have a chat with the GP, especially if you're not finding them helping with the PND.

You're also bound to comfort-eat with depression - I know I and many other people do. Perhaps a change to a treatment which actually helps with the depression would help, purely by taking away the need to comfort-eat?

feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 22:29:08

and make sure you eat a proper breakfast

probably best to have little snacks throughout the day, if you can, rather than big meals - i reckon that if your blood sugar doesn't get a chance to get too low, you won't get as much of an urge to binge

Branster Sat 18-Dec-04 23:17:10

The others have suggested secondary effects of the medicine you are taking. So on that side perhaps there isn't much you can do. But would it help if you have less food in the house and just buy raw vegetables, fruit, meat etc so when you have to eat you actually have to prepare the food? needless to say, sauces, mayonayse and other easy spreads have to go too. I'm just thinking if you have to work to get the food ready you won't be tempted to snack on easy things to pick. And maybe a substantial but health breakfast might help. Do you consume sugary drinks or any kind of alcohol (wine tends to add on the callories)? Could you either dilute them with water or stop drinking completely.
Soryy if any of the above do not apply to you but I hope some of the other posts will help.
re-reading your post. yes, i think your self-control needs to start with food shopping. Ban the bad stuff then you won't have much choice. However, do make sure you get a good nutrition throughout the day , don't starve yourself.

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:18:17

OMG! I am on ditheopin and can eat for England. Am the heaviest I have ever been, never thought there could be a link!!!!

Branster Sat 18-Dec-04 23:21:12

and yes, agree with the others, your GP should be able to give you advice or suggest an alternative treatment.

jingleballs Sat 18-Dec-04 23:25:20

have u seen the diet hon, loose 3 stone in 100 days or something? u stop eating 'normal' food and eat theirs, but it costs £45 p/w one of the other mnetters has done it.

feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 23:25:22

blossom - some info on tricyclics and side effects including some info about possible side effect of weight gain:-


feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 23:27:55

apparently lots of veg and fibre is the answer to avoiding putting on weight with increased appetite

Bigfatmomma Sat 18-Dec-04 23:30:15

I sympathise . After having DS 2.5yrs ago I lost weight pretty quickly, but PND kicked in and my weight has been up and down ever since - but mainly up.

For me, the big thing is exercise. It's not easy for me to regularly get to classes or a gym, so I take myself for a jog when I can. Apart from the obvious physical benefits, it generates happy chemicals - I feel much better about myself, regardless of my weight situation, when I can run regularly (even if it's just once a week).

Lots of luck in dealing with both your depression and your weight. There are no easy solutions, but you can get through it.

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:30:41

I saw my gp a few weeks ago and she wanted me to double my dose and I'm too scared!

feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 23:38:33

are you ok with the dothiepin otherwise, BH? of course there are other ADs you could try, or you could be referred for counselling as an alternative if you felt that was more you. I think that the SSRIs such as prozac are generally less associated with weight gain side effects than tricyclics.

blossomgoodwill Sat 18-Dec-04 23:44:33

Hi Feastofsteven - I am starting counselling on January 10th actually. Well I have my first appointment with the CPN. Have battled depression from my teens

mrschristmaswallace Sun 19-Dec-04 18:52:46

thankyou everyone!
i tend to eat weetabix with dd in morn, then normally have two slices of toast an hour or so later. i very rarely eat lunch, i f i do its cereal or rubbish(biscuits/chocolate/crisps)
i constantl graze all day, going inot the cupboards or fridge then have tea with dd as dp gets in late, normally something quick and no nutrtion with bread and loads of butter.will do dd scottish pancakes for supper and end up eating most of them, then have something else while sat here or watching tv...dont seem to be able to 'stop' eating.
had a jacket potato in town today, trying to be good then got a sandwhich with dp straight after eating it! i did half it with dp when we got home and dd had some too, but im just so greedy and will eat anything...i have never ever been this bad and i am disgusted with myself

mrschristmaswallace Sun 19-Dec-04 18:54:44

i dont get 'any' break for dd, not even when shes in bed and i dont drive, so cant get'out' and do anything for both reasons, also have no one around to babysit during day for her, so dont get chance then either, my only excersize is walking to and from her playgroups.

mrschristmaswallace Sun 19-Dec-04 18:55:57

www - thanks for that link, i have a lot of those side effects!! eating, weeing more often, dizzyness..keep also hearing white noise(?) could this be tinitus?
am taking dd to doc in morn hopefully so might get to speak to him then?

mrschristmaswallace Sun 19-Dec-04 18:57:35

blossom, i have a cpn coming round, used to be every week, then fortnight, now monthly. she deals mainly with families with small children as she has trained with kids and i find her really help ful..she can explain things to us that we cant see ourselves and helps us sort them out.good luck

blossomgoodwill Mon 20-Dec-04 20:19:42

Thannks Mrs Wallace I feel a bit weird as I am having a "good" period at the moment but I know it won't last so do need to go. Just feels a bit weird opening up to a stranger!

mrschristmaswallace Tue 21-Dec-04 10:02:54

it does feel weird before, but once shes here, everything just somehow starts flooding out!
i hope your ok today?x

feastofstevenmom Tue 21-Dec-04 10:43:58

think it's the lack of lunch that's the problem MMW- could you get a cheap low cal ready meal, like a cottage pie, and have it with loads of frozen veg, and an apple to fill you up? sandwich isn't that bad really - better than a Mars bar to fill you up - spesh if you have something that's not got loads of mayo/salad dressing etc.

blossom - sorry to hear about your probs with depression, and hope that you find the CPN helpful.

mrschristmaswallace Wed 22-Dec-04 14:10:47

had lunch here with friend today(sandwhich and cake!), not even remotely hungry afterwards, but as soon as she left i went straight to the fridge and had 3!!biscuits! to me that is so greedy and glutonous and i cant stop myself!

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