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Letters to Santa.

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Paula1 Tue 26-Nov-02 12:08:42

This weekend, my DS (41/2) decided that he wanted to write a letter to Santa, so he wrote this beautiful letter in his best writing, asking Father Christmas for a Frisbee. He then insisted that we post it. So, we posted said envelope addressed to Father Christmas - The North Pole. What do you think will happen to it?

GeorginaA Tue 26-Nov-02 12:37:53

Well when I was a kid the Post Office used to send back a (pre-form though made to look like hand written) christmas card from Santa which was very funny - wish I'd kept them. Don't know if they still do that now it's privatised...

GeorginaA Tue 26-Nov-02 12:38:26

(the Royal Mail being privatised... not Santa of course).

GillW Tue 26-Nov-02 13:00:04

Did you know that there's a special postcode for letters to Santa Claus - his "correct" address is apparently Santa Claus, REINDEERLAND, SAN TA1? The Royal Mail even have a web page about mail to Santa , and even a webcam so you can see him opening his mail!

Actually all letters to Santa from the UK are dealt with in Belfast. Apparently each one is opened and the writer receives a card with Santa's address and postcode on the back, to encourage children to get into the habit of putting their own address on their mail!

SoupDragon Tue 26-Nov-02 13:02:01

I received a reply from Santa having simply addressed it to theNorth Pole. Like GeorginaA says, it was a preprinted letter.

ladynyland Tue 29-Nov-16 14:34:05

This year I did a facebook search and found it cost about £7 but the girls got a letter back and a gift pack. They loved it, well worth a go.

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