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Next Sale??????

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jingleoooggs Fri 17-Dec-04 07:57:10

I know its a bit early. But does anyone know when the Next sale will be?? With the extra bank holidays I am unsure and I am trying to organise a trip away around it. Sad aren't I

nailpolish Fri 17-Dec-04 07:58:19

surely itll be boxing day, 6am probably

redshoedreindeer Fri 17-Dec-04 21:16:41

I asked in Brighton branch today and she said 6am day AFTER boxing day ie monday

FimboCLAUS Fri 17-Dec-04 21:22:26

I think it depends whether you live in Scotland or England. Scotland's usually boxing day and England the day after.

mullgedwine Mon 20-Dec-04 23:13:51

Reading shop's is day after boxing day, ie 27th at something awfully early in the morning, like 5/6am. Happy Qing!

merrymarthamoo Tue 21-Dec-04 00:05:38

Here (Cheshire) it's the 27th from 5am. Nutter that I am I've told my best friend we'll go

Dreams Tue 21-Dec-04 00:07:10

i will be up north in shropshire does anyone know when it is there?

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 21-Dec-04 07:30:07

Definatley 27th at 5am.

I got my sale preview thing yesterday so I can do it over the phone......but THEY are calling me tomorrow between 6pm-7pm to take my order....hee hee hee hee

woodpops Tue 21-Dec-04 09:45:53

I'm not bothering this year. They tend to bring a load of cr@p out that you've never seen in stores or in the directory. They seem to produce clothes just for the sales.

FimboCLAUS Tue 21-Dec-04 10:13:29

I agree with Woodpops. Although I used to do it prior to having children.....

codswallop Tue 21-Dec-04 10:52:56

emma did they emeail you?
i had that one year - no idea how

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 21-Dec-04 10:59:24

No the called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I wanted a time slot for them to call. I picked the first one in the hope I get what I want.

I've had this 3-4 times now, which I find odd as I only spend a a little bit, certainly less than £100. Hardly a benefit for them.

Maybe it just because I'm soooo special

codswallop Tue 21-Dec-04 11:02:40

have you a number I can try?

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 21-Dec-04 11:06:18

The sale number on the front of the sale brochure is 08456 100555.
It says the sale listing is available to veiw from today here

I have no idea how i've managed to get them calling me so hope this helps you get a bargain or 2

codswallop Tue 21-Dec-04 11:19:57

nope they say its doen randomly every year

emMerryChristmastmg Tue 21-Dec-04 11:20:59

can't be that random!

jingleoooggs Tue 21-Dec-04 21:23:50

26th at 11am (Boxing Day in Bristol) 27th at 5am in Plymouth. So now I am sorted. This year DS will be a year and 2 weeks old

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