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Advice on tracking down a replacement favourite soft toy...

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Daffodilly Wed 05-Mar-08 17:28:34

DD has a Jellycat Bunglie Brown bear that was given to her at birth. She absolutely adores it and always sleeps with it. She is only 16 mths now and it is already getting very tatty so I thought I'd be clever and buy another one.

Problem is that I've discovered this toy was discontinued in the year she was born and I can't find one anywhere.

I am now paranoid some terrible incident might befall the favoured bear and I won't be able to replace it full stop. I am now guarding the thing like the crown jewels everywhere we go!

Any suggestions on how I might be able to track one down???

madamy Wed 05-Mar-08 17:33:51

Is this him? Just googled jellycat bunglie brown.
If so, this shop is about 1/2 mile from me so would be happy to get one and post it to you smile

Daffodilly Wed 05-Mar-08 18:08:25

That is exactly the may just be my hero! You obviously have superior Google skills too as I spent about 2 hours on line last night and didn't find this.

Thanks very much for your kind offer to go and get one. But I actually just rang the shop and ordered TWO (can't be too safe) which they are going to post to me.

Thanks ever so much for your help. I can relax a bit about him now. You've done your good deed for the day too :-) so have a lovely evening!

NAB3wishesfor2008 Wed 05-Mar-08 18:09:23

Someone was asking for a jelly cat giraffe too

point them there!

madamy Wed 05-Mar-08 18:38:18

Glad to help . DH is in awe of my google skills - obviously too much time on my hands!

kevinsmother Wed 05-Mar-08 18:42:10

I bet she doesn't like the new ones!!!
We were very clever and bought a replacement of favourite teddy on e-bay, but DS won't even touch him

Daffodilly Wed 05-Mar-08 19:31:14

Damn I hope that doesn't happen to us - it will be a big waste of £20!

I hoped to "phase" an alternative in. Though it may be a bit late as the old one is so tatty already. Perhaps I can sleep with it, chew on it and drag it around by one ear for a couple of months first...

Daffodilly Sat 08-Mar-08 14:07:29

Yey - the new bears arrived this morning. Thanks so much for your help madamy. Great service from the store too - I'd highly recommend them for anyone else.

Now I have to figure out how to get said silky soft, clean bears looking more like the tatty, rancid one she has grown so attached too....

Fleurtations Thu 05-Mar-09 14:36:53

Dear Madamy,
We are the shop concerned, Fleurtations Notingham, unfortunately since this was published we have changed the titles of all of our 62 Jellycat pages, Google has found your weblink and registered it as a broken so we are trying to contact all webmasters, site owners and bloggers to either remove or update the files concerned. the new web address is Thank you in anticipation

Fleurtations Thu 05-Mar-09 14:57:34

Lost Toys
I forgot to mention that we regularly recieve panic emails from distraught parents praying that we still have back catalogue Jellycat designs. The good news is that we generally do and even if we don't have your particular soft toy we have a pretty good network for tracking them down. The new and improved Jellycat site has all the latest and lots of older designs, there is even a free delivery service.
If you have any problems in the future (we even stock Gund and Russ Berrie toys) please email and we promise to help.
Fleurtations Nottingham

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