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Parents of 7 - 9 year old boys - a question please....

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hecate Wed 05-Mar-08 12:14:54

What is your son 'into'? TV programmes, toys and games, computer sites and films, even fashion.

I need to know what are the 'in' things for my boys' peer groups, so that I can help them to fit in and to have the same stuff. With their sn they need me to do this for them. What are your sons' interests? What are the hot topics in the playground?


Psychomum5 Wed 05-Mar-08 12:21:22

power rangers herehmm, rather too much of it too!!!!

and Dr Who

mine is 7, and alas is also into high school musical, thanks to three older sisters. Not sure he is overly happy about it either, but he gets little choice as we have to take turns with what to watchwink

iMum Wed 05-Mar-08 12:22:56

my ds is 6 and Starwars, transformers,power rangers and high school musical mad. Also like care bears for when he is poorly
oh and doctor who

Psychomum5 Wed 05-Mar-08 12:24:00

oooh yeah.....forgot transformers!!!

ahundredtimes Wed 05-Mar-08 12:25:58

Mine are 8 and 10.

Dr Who

Pokemon - this is still big, collecting cards, playing duels at playtime.

Also still U-gi-oh cards for the same.

8 y-o and all his mates collect Match Attack cards too - these are football cards and they swap them and stuff.

Computer sites - Club Penguin (more the 8 y-o than the 10 y-o though, he arranges to meet his friends on there) and somewhere called Pokemon Black.

Films, not really a commodity at the minute, nor fashion. Though that could be mine. DS1 did ask for some Vans shoes though, which surprised me because he's generally really not interested in clothes and things.

TV - The Simpsons, Blue Peter, Genie in the House (no idea) and Someone's Fairy Godparents.

Hope that helps some Hecate? Mine have loads of other non-Peer interests too - musical theatre anyone? - but I'd say that's the stuff which is happening in their playground.

chamaeleon Wed 05-Mar-08 12:26:10

have a look at the citv website, pretty much all the boy stuff on there. yu-gi-oh cards are big at the moment, but then most trading cards are popular. i think it will depend on your school as trends tend to vary. cant hurt to have a few different ones i suppose! also ben 10 is being mentioned a lot,i think its coming on at the cinema soon. not sure what it is yet!

Katisha Wed 05-Mar-08 12:27:47

Mine (8)likes Star Wards big time, and now especially Lego Star wars on the Playstation.

Match Attax collectable football cards.

Dr Who, but much more so when it's actually on the TV, which it isn't at the moment.

cornsilk Wed 05-Mar-08 12:27:52

7 year old - mario, spongebob, he collects the shrek stickers at the moment with the amulets.
9 yr old - bionicle, games workshop stuff, collects james bond cards, pokemon, primieval, Dr Who.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-Mar-08 12:28:10

Oh and games which are discussed are - I'm afraid - all Wii and Playstation games.

DS1 has a ds-lite and he swops Pokemon games with friends ( I hope you are noticing a Pokemon theme here)

FioFio Wed 05-Mar-08 12:28:16

Message withdrawn

MorocconOil Wed 05-Mar-08 12:30:02

The Simpsons, CBBC,
Airfix models
Hornby trainset
Reading the Beano, Captain Underpants, Michael Morpurgo
Skateboarding, rollerblading
Converse and Skecher trainers

ahundredtimes Wed 05-Mar-08 12:30:12

I quite like it all blush I make ds1 show me how the Pokemon game works, and he does lots of sighing and saying 'No you haven't EVOLVED yet Mum!'

FioFio Wed 05-Mar-08 12:30:54

Message withdrawn

ingles2 Wed 05-Mar-08 12:31:30

2 boys 6 & 8
dr who
star wars
oh... and did I mention transformers?

ingles2 Wed 05-Mar-08 12:34:23

my 8 yr old also likes
fantasy role play games like heroscape
airfix anything, but roman models at the minute
star wars lego
and of course football!

ahundredtimes Wed 05-Mar-08 12:34:26

{Ingles! Hello. If I start a thread will you come and talk to me about mouthing and play biting and chewing dd's hair, and trousers, and coats, and fingers and jumping on boys when lying on the floor and and and - you know.??]

Peachy Wed 05-Mar-08 12:36:02

DS's of 7 and 8.

One Sn, one not.

Lego a huge thing

Also Dr who, primeval, they like board games-

they dress differntly,ds1 likes hoodies with dragons on and anything stripey; ds2 prefers warm colours (eg browns and oranges) in kinda traditional styles- trousers, shirt and jumper combo's.

Beyond that I'm not that sure tbh!

They like the Wii, Mario galaxy atm, they play that with their dad whilst I kae dinner (I hate the bloody game).

DS2 mentions football cards but doesn't collect them; he goes to footie academy at half term, ds1 goes to SN rugby and loves that.

DS2 desperate for Clarks shoes that have toys inside (big thing at school)

Pollyanna Wed 05-Mar-08 12:36:29

ds 9 - is into

his ds lite
lego star wars game
star wars films
playmobil (although he may be the only 9 year old still into this)
He still likes Chuckle Brothers and Raven, but also the simpsons.
The Beano

FioFio Wed 05-Mar-08 12:36:46

Message withdrawn

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 12:38:19

nintendo ds
primeval (the tv prog but not any merchandise)
reading everything

serenity Wed 05-Mar-08 12:39:39

DSs are 7 and 10, and current likes are...

Games (DS, PS3 etc)
Doctor Who
Dinosaur King
various other CN things like Kids Next Door, Grim Adventurs of Billy and Mandy, Ben 10
Love their scooters
Yu-gi-oh & Pokemon
Love playing weird made up games with their DD that are a strange combination of all of the above

DS2 likes pink, fairies and my little pony too

serenity Wed 05-Mar-08 12:40:40

oh yeah, and completely obsessed with 'Are you smarter than a 10 year old' and 'Brainiacs'

serenity Wed 05-Mar-08 12:41:25

their DD? their sister, my Dd (I need lunch and coffee)

hecate Wed 05-Mar-08 12:42:25

Soooo helpful thank you all. I had no idea where to start!

ingles2 Wed 05-Mar-08 12:42:53

Small hijack
Hi 100 x, no problem where are you going? Pets?

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