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Electronic baby dolls

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bayleaf Sun 24-Nov-02 13:50:09

Would like to buy dd ( nearly 2) one of the all singing all dancing baby dolls - but am bemused by the choice. Am NOT going to buy the little boy who pees into a pot - you can go too far with the realism bit!
Does anyone have any tips - bad/good choices? Ones who have been temperamental/popular/irritating....???
All advice gratefully received seeing as most of them cost about £40 so not a choice to make lightly!

Tinker Sun 24-Nov-02 13:55:54

I can't believe that there hasn't been a whole thread on Baby Wee Wee yet!

emsiewill Sun 24-Nov-02 14:13:26

bayleaf, Boots do their own doll which we bought for dd1 a couple of years ago. At that time it cost £20, may be more now, but they are doing their "3 for 2" gift thing at the moment. It doesn't interact, but does make a range of noises - laughs, cries, burps, snores etc. and also makes a feeding noise when you put its bottle in its mouth.
Don't think I'd get away with it now, as dd1 is nearly 6, and knows all the TV ads by heart, but I would imagine a 2 year old wouldn't know the difference.
And IMO the worse thing about Baby Wee Wee (he needs a wee) is that I can't get the tune out of my head.

PamT Sun 24-Nov-02 17:18:18

Baby Annabell and Rock a bye Chou Chou seem to be the most popular ones around here. I've had the misfortune to play with an Annabell and have decided that the gurgling/crying is definitely not for me. My dd will be getting a cheaper, silent version, aren't I a mean mummy!

anais Sun 24-Nov-02 20:41:47

I hate to be controversial (oh all right, you all know I love to be controversial...) but I can't help thinking that the 'all-singing, all-dancing' type dolls detract from the play value. It certainly reduces the imagination involved in the play. I personally believe that children get much more from silent, basic types of dollies. That's what my children have, and all they are likely to have. Just my opinion, you probably don't care what I think anyway do you?

prufrock Sun 24-Nov-02 23:11:12

I have to say I find these really really creepy. I'll probably find myself buying one for dd in a few years, but right now I just get the shivers every time I see the adverts for them. Too many horror films maybe

WideWebWitch Sun 24-Nov-02 23:32:26

Prufrock, I know what you mean. anais, you've got a good point I think.

SueDonim Mon 25-Nov-02 07:26:10

Anais, ikwym! My dd has four basic dollies and she does play games with them. But Baby Annabelle is head and shoulders above them in the popularity stakes. We decided to give her one because from experience I reckoned dd was far more likely to grow up remembering the toy she *didn't* have than the ones she did! The worst thing about BA is that dd sometimes leaves her switched on and then if the dog barks, BA starts crying and it frightens the life out of me!!

bayleaf Mon 25-Nov-02 07:53:59

OH absolutely SueDonim - I had neither Tiny Tears or Teeny Tiny tears as a child and I STILL fell hard done by!

SueDonim Mon 25-Nov-02 11:04:42

LOL, Bayleaf. I didn't have a Tiny Tears either (I was 'too old' for one) and also I never had another teddy bear after my DB drowned mine in the loo. Mum washed him (Ted, not DB, though he could have done with a bath!) but because he was filled with sawdust he went mouldy and had to be thrown away. Sob......

berries Mon 25-Nov-02 13:01:38

baby anabelle or Rock-a-bye chou chou in our house (2 dds). Chou Chou has a slight edge because it has a nicer 'feel' to it. Both seem fairly resilient. Anabelle is 3 yrs old now, chou chou was last christmas. Good thing about them is that they have reduced the 'I want one of those' to nothing when compared with the other dolls.

berries Mon 25-Nov-02 13:03:28

ps don't buy Baby born or baby expressions (?) for a young dd. They are both very 'hard' dolls, so difficult to 'baby' in the way most little girls play with dolls. Baby expressions is very easy to break when trying to get clothes on (so said my sis anyway)

Tinker Mon 25-Nov-02 14:12:32

I must admit, I've gone for baby Annabel this year. Tried to fob her off with a cheapie talking doll last year and, whilst my daughter loves it, she still hankers after BA. Plus, getting caught up in all the little additions for her!!

Fortunately, even she laughs at Baby Wee Wee.

Jaybee Mon 25-Nov-02 14:20:17

We have Baby Annabel and Miracle Moves in our house, so far!! Miracle Moves is really spooky but feels really real and I think it is less annoying that Annabel - but dd really loves them both - have to admit though she is really smitten with the idea of Baby WeeWee - yes we have got one in the loft ready for Christmas!! What have I done??

grommit Mon 25-Nov-02 14:22:06

My dd (nearly 3) fell in love with 'Rock-a-Bye Chou Chou' in John Lewis so my mum has bought it for her for Christmas. It really is the vilest looking thing - agree with Prufrock - it would give anyone nightmares - probably comes to life after midnight and roams the planet carrying out evil tasks

maryz Mon 25-Nov-02 23:44:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

musica Mon 25-Nov-02 23:46:56

I saw a really creepy doll that starts off as a baby, and gradually learns to recognise you, and then one day, it starts crawling, and learns to sit up. Then it starts to talk, and finally, learns to really does sound like a horror film! You have to feed it on milk to start with and then solids....!!

Reading this back, obviously, a real baby isn't like a horror film - just the idea of this doll one day learning to walk!

WideWebWitch Tue 26-Nov-02 20:56:47

musica, uuuugggghhh to that doll!

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