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New Pub Quiz questions

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Fionn Thu 21-Nov-02 14:46:43

1 Who was Nixon's Vice-President who resigned in 1973?
2 Motoring - what does MG stand for?
3 Which food company has a museum in Norwich for its most famous product?
4 How is Oliver Mellors decribed in the title of a famous novel?
5 What nationality was Marie Antoinette by birth?
6 What was the Beatles last UK no. 1?
7 What's the most expensive spice?
8 Anagram - STUFF SCI FI
9 What in World War II was given the code Operation Overlord?
10 What is the only novel by Oscar Wilde?
11 Which famous Anmerican was known as the Lone Eagle?
12 In which 1978 film did Marlon Brando and Susannah York play husband and wife?
13 Which word meaning "without water" gives its name to a type of barometer?
14 Lyric: You're where you should be all the time, and when you're not you're with some underworld spy...

pamina Thu 21-Nov-02 14:51:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megg Thu 21-Nov-02 15:04:13

3. Colmans
7. Saffron - is that classed as a spice?
14. Carly Simon - You're So Vain - I love Carly Simon

Tinker Thu 21-Nov-02 15:10:02

5 Belgian?
12 Superman

Java Thu 21-Nov-02 15:14:02

8. fisticuffs

Azzie Thu 21-Nov-02 16:03:42

5. Marie Antoinette was Austrian.

Marina Thu 21-Nov-02 16:03:56

1 - Spiro T Agnew
5 - Austrian
13 - Anhydrous or something like that?

Azzie Thu 21-Nov-02 16:06:16

1. Agnew

Azzie Thu 21-Nov-02 16:06:48

Marina - great minds thinking alike

Marina Thu 21-Nov-02 16:10:34

And 11 is Charles Lindbergh

Marina Thu 21-Nov-02 16:10:58


janh Thu 21-Nov-02 19:03:05

6 - All You Need is Love? Hey Jude?

Fionn Thu 21-Nov-02 23:44:05

Still need the right Beatles song...

GillW Fri 22-Nov-02 10:26:19

THe Ballad of John and Yoko?

soothepoo Fri 22-Nov-02 11:03:45

Let it be?

Ghosty Fri 22-Nov-02 11:17:57

9. D Day ... the invasion of France

Fionn Fri 22-Nov-02 17:50:48

Yes GillW, well done! I thought I knew a lot about the Beatles but didn't get that one. Answers are:

1 Spiro Agnew
2 Morris Garages
3 Colman's
4 Lady Chatterley's Lover
5 Austrian
6 Ballad of John and Yoko
7 saffron
9 Normandy Landings
10 The Picture of Dorian Grey
11 Charles Lindbergh
12 Superman
13 aneroid
14 You're So Vain

janh Fri 22-Nov-02 20:12:24

The ballad of John and Yoko was by THE BEATLES????? I thought it was by John and Yoko....

Fionn Fri 22-Nov-02 20:21:55

Yes, strange isn't it, considering the rest of them hated her so much . But I've just checked in one of my books which said that John and Paul wrote it and only John and Paul were available to play on it, so it was really only half a Beatles song! It was released in 1969 and although Something and Let it Be came later they didn't get to no. 1

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