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Ducks with mouldy bums

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sleepdeprived Fri 10-Dec-04 19:52:13

Ew! Do I just have to chuck them? (The mould is on the INside )

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 19:54:05

black gunge?

chuck them!!!

sleepdeprived Fri 10-Dec-04 19:55:27

shame! Can you buy ones that don't have the hole?

winterwarmmummer Fri 10-Dec-04 19:55:39

Yeah - chuck the duck

jabberwocky Fri 10-Dec-04 19:57:34

Yes, ds has one that doesn't get water in it. He got it as a gift, though, not sure where it's from.

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 19:58:04

tescos i think do them.

xmascaroltygirl Fri 10-Dec-04 19:58:19

Well, there's an eye-catching thread title. You've just got to look, don't you?

I always chuck them when that happens. Have never found anything that prevents it.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 10-Dec-04 19:58:34

If they're plastic, you could put them in the dishwasher on a lowish temp? Or soak in a bleach/water mix (and rinse lots, obviously)?

Excellent thread title. I was imagining real ducks with mouldy bums, poor things.

WigWamBam Fri 10-Dec-04 19:58:43

Chuck them. We've gone through so many because of this. We blamed Johnson's Baby Bath - and since we stopped using it, the problem has stopped.

winterwarmmummer Fri 10-Dec-04 20:03:31

Ooo yuck

What does the Johnsons do to our babies??

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 20:04:57

well it happenes to my kids toys and bath mat and we use eczema stuff in their baths. no hint of johnsons anywhere!!

sleepdeprived Fri 10-Dec-04 20:06:27

and we only use olive oil in DS's ...

WigWamBam Fri 10-Dec-04 20:34:59

OK - I wasn't trying to start anything, honestly .

It just seemed to us that when we stopped using baby bath and started using Lush products with dd, the black gunky stuff stopped. That's all.

<shuffles off wishing she'd never opened her big fat gob>

winterwarmmummer Fri 10-Dec-04 20:36:02

Last post should have had a not a I think.

winterwarmmummer Fri 10-Dec-04 20:36:42

Although it might not have made sense

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 20:37:53

WWB, i think maybe bath stuff does have something to do with it. i know emoillants etc cant rot rubber, which is why your meant to wipe rubber seal of washing machine if using empillants etc regularly.

WigWamBam Fri 10-Dec-04 20:40:49

Yes, I think it's the oils and stuff that go into these things.

misdee Fri 10-Dec-04 20:41:45

can not cant oops

rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 03:00:37

I'm sure I've seen 'bottomless' ducks somewhere - i.e. ones with no hole - anyone??

rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 03:01:01

(What a thing to be pondering at 3 in the morning ...)

pixiefish Fri 07-Jan-05 08:35:44

rouge- i got some with no holes from my independent local toy store (useless for you really)

They've got red lips as well - TBH I didn't like them in the beginning but having thrown a few tesco bath budies away for squirting black stuff I'm starting to appreeciates the botoomless ones

rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 10:17:22

Hmm, anyone know where you can get bottomless ones online?

nailpolish Fri 07-Jan-05 10:18:35

i would like to know too. wish i could just cut the bottom off myself, one day i just realised it was mould inside the blighters, and was horrified!

moondog Fri 07-Jan-05 10:20:23

That happened to us! Had dewy eyed images of delightful Pears advert style children, frolicking in bubbles with adorable bath toys. reality was mould, slime and not being able to move for crap so thought f--- it and threw the lot away.
No one misses 'em and everything is much cleaner and less complicated.

rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 10:21:48

I know I've seen ones without a**eholes somewhere ......

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