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water babies

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dirtygertiefromnumber30 Wed 20-Feb-08 08:14:28

my dd (15months) has been attending waterbabies for 2 terms and she LOVES it.

However, im thinking it's quite expensive and i might as well just take her to the local leisure centre and continue with teaching her on my own. She swims short distances on her own (under the water), jumps in from the side and holds on to the edge of the pool.

For those who have continued with waterbabies what do they learn next? Do you think i can teach her on my own from here, if so can you give me some tips?


dirtygertiefromnumber30 Wed 20-Feb-08 09:24:25


Karen999 Wed 20-Feb-08 09:27:03

We had to stop water babies due to dd2's excema....tbh we still take her swimming and she loves it!! Am thinking of going back to water babies. For me the main thing was for her to gain confidence in the water - which she has!!! It is actually unbelievable to watch. You may want to check at your local pool to see about swimming lessons. Will prob be cheaper than water babies......

lilyrose123 Mon 12-Oct-09 23:45:18

dd is 16 months old now and in 5th term, moved into toddler classes
i do take her to local aths sometimes but it isnt as structured so she messes about a lot!

they learn more about diving in, swimming to you and other people, as well as to the side, holiday swims, which are where you teach them to hold on round your neck while you swim, so they are on your back, and then you do that underwater too, and more interation with other babies i suppose, they start running across mats and jumping in, diving down for toys,

i did buy some of the swim cards but dd as i said is far more disciplined within our classes than on own with me x

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