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What do I do about a passport I lost 8 years ago?

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LoveMyGirls Tue 19-Feb-08 08:06:35

It will now have expired and i'm 99% sure it went in the bin with the carrier bag I had from the shop (used it as ID to buy beer when i was 18!!!)

I now want to apply for a new passport but I never reported my passport lost, does it matter? Will they expect me to send in my old passport, will I get into trouble for never reporting it lost? Anyone else ever done this?

TheBlonde Tue 19-Feb-08 08:08:12

you will need to report it lost
otherwise they will want it for the renewal
just say you can't find it

AMumInScotland Tue 19-Feb-08 09:01:03

When you fill out the form for the new one, there's a part where you tell them about any other passports you have had, and you can say there that it was lost years ago. It'll be fine, it happens all the time.

nametaken Tue 19-Feb-08 11:10:28

Yes don't worry about this at all, just tell them the truth.

Pixel Tue 19-Feb-08 20:14:22

Phew! I was a bit worried about clicking on this thread as I lost my passport years ago too and have never had the nerve to apply for another one. I thought you were all going to say how terrible it was and how much trouble I would be in...

LoveMyGirls Tue 19-Feb-08 21:29:38

Pixel - I've had to fill in a LS01 to go with my passport application to say i lost my old one, i rang the helpline and he said not to fill all the boxes in if i couldn't remember dates and address's or passport number, so i've filled in what i can.

janeite Tue 19-Feb-08 21:32:33

Ooh glad I've seen this thread. My passport isn't lost but it expired years ago and I chucked it. I was looking at the form for a new passport and it said, send the old one if you wish to renew passport. Does that mean I just fill in the renew one but explain that I'm not sending the old one?

Pixel Wed 20-Feb-08 11:02:08

Thanks Lovemygirls. I won't be going anywhere in the near (or far!) future but it's nice to know I can without being carted off to jail! I actually thought that our passports must be somewhere indoors as dh is terrible for losing things. It was only when we moved and had a massive clearout and they didn't turn up that I thought "oops" and I've been trying not to think about it ever since.
There won't be much on my form, I don't know passport numbers, dates or anything blush. All I know is the last time they were used because I was 6 wks pregnant with ds and felt terrible for the whole holiday so that's stuck in my mind!

janeite Wed 20-Feb-08 17:44:50

Lol Pixel - the last time mine was used I was also pregnant (about 12 weeks) and just out of hospital for severe morning sickness. I managed to keep SOME of the lovely Greek food down at least!

Hammy456 Fri 18-Oct-19 18:24:55

I cannot find my passport but need my passport number, how do I go about getting it

Bluerussian Fri 18-Oct-19 18:42:09

Just apply for another passport, it's not difficult - except for finding someone prepared to sign the form and photograph for you. GPs used to do that but now they won't unless they really know someone well, banks don't. Priests or ministers of religion will and obviously if you're friendly with a solicitor they will do.

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