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Sarafox Mon 18-Feb-08 19:30:45

hello, my name is Sara , im new, i am a mother of a 3 years old boy, i would love him to start modelling , but is so difficult..i have been reading your past conversation, but it get soo ooo confusing in the end.....blush
could you please name same agency that DONOT CHARGE or charge a lil fee, (£20-£30) and what to do from there...
some experineces too..thank you soo much hope to have LOOOTS of answers

Sarafox Mon 18-Feb-08 20:13:48

noone? sad

Rubystar77 Mon 18-Feb-08 22:56:10

there is a thread child modelling february some where i'm looking for it.
top 4 agencys are
bruce and brown
urban angels
and kidslondon

also scallywags and bizzykids more expensive fees though.

MelodyDaisy Wed 09-Jul-08 12:52:16

Hi. I keep being told how beautiful my dd is and how cute my ds is. Please could you give an honest opnion on whether it would be worth me applying to agencies? You can see pics of them in my profile.


CJMommy Thu 10-Jul-08 14:17:08

There are a couple of threads on modelling - Read May 08 - a few pages long but will give you some info. A new one has also started July 08.

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