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What do you think of this - or am I being unreasonable/

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popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 13:42:19

MIL informed us that she would give us a sum of money for xmas (very very kind and much appreciated) and we had to buy ourselves a tumble drier (again much appreciated)

But - that was also including DS's xmas that is what he is getting - a third of a tumble drier

Am i being a miserable cow?

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Wed 08-Dec-04 13:43:17

remind her that DS would love to open a pressie .. and can you give her a tenner back to buy him something special and wrap it

she's just not thinking it through I think

hana Wed 08-Dec-04 13:44:24

can you buy him something that doesn't cost veru much but would make him happy? We had a tumble drier from inlaws for dd's first Christmas - she was only 3 months at the time and I can't remember if we bought her something for her too (although she benefits most from the drier!!)

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 13:44:55

I do appreicate the tumble drier

and I AM a miserable cow today)

just my mum also said 'there is ds's xmas money - you buy something then wrap it for me....'

NomDePlumPudding Wed 08-Dec-04 13:45:19

I suspect that Twiglett is right.

WigWamBam Wed 08-Dec-04 13:45:26

I'd hold back a tenner of the money and buy him a present from her.

Gobbledigoose Wed 08-Dec-04 13:45:41

How old is ds? That seems a bit mean to me that she isn't buying him something and wrapping it up especially for him. If he's a small baby it's probably not an issue but if not, then I'd be a bit peeved to say the least.

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 13:46:24

he is two and a half...
sorry i am being unreasonable
he has more than enough toys

LAMBda Wed 08-Dec-04 13:48:41

Perhaps MIL meant for you to buy ds a present out of the cash.

My mum is sending me a cheque to buy myself christmas and birthday presents and presents for the boys as well.

Mind you, I like to pick my own things out, so it's for the best really

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 13:49:21

no - it is to put towards a tumble drier......she said 'that will be ds's present too'


NomDePlumPudding Wed 08-Dec-04 13:50:53

I'd buy a little something with the moeny and wrap it from her. I'd also make a point of letting her know (gently) that is what I'd done.

Bagpussinboots30 Wed 08-Dec-04 13:51:25

Poor you. We got the same about 4 years ago (ds's first christmas) and pils still gave us little presents and ds got toys too! Really hate it when people give money for the children though, as its hard enough buying pressies for everyone else let alone buying theirs too. Twig's idea is best though I think as long as mil gets the message of course, good luck.

JoolsTide Wed 08-Dec-04 13:52:48

I ALWAYS had to buy and wrap pressies for the grandparents - as if you haven't got enough to do at Christmas! - and they were retired - oh well thats life

you'll probably end up just having to grin and bear it! - You never know she might turn up with a pressie for your ds?

Gobbledigoose Wed 08-Dec-04 13:55:59

Pops - it's not about whether he's got many toys. For me, it's about the fact that she's gone and looked for something she thinks he'll like, bought it, wrapped it and given it to him to watch him open.

I know, I'm a bit slushy but that's what I think. My MIL buys some right rubbish sometimes but at least she sees things and thinks of them and buys it.

horseshoe Wed 08-Dec-04 14:29:14

I thought Santa brought all of the pressies!!!! My poor DD probably thinks we are right stingy now, we always sign them santa....mum dad nanny and grandad dont get her anything

wrapmefestively Wed 08-Dec-04 15:06:45

Not much sympathy here I am afraid. I think its pretty generous of her to stump up a fairly big sum of money (for a tumble drier) and I would personally do as WWB would do, and pay £10 of my own money towards the tumble drier and use £10 of granny's money for ds's toy. Otherwise poor granny is going to look like a mean old stick on Christmas day in your son's eyes, and I don't really think she deserves this.

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 15:08:26

I'll get me coat.......

Thanks for the advice!
Have calmed down now

wrapmefestively Wed 08-Dec-04 15:23:03


Sorry mate - didn't mean to appear harsh! Just thought you'd want honest opinions...

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 19:08:55

I did honey - and it made me realise that I was being a little unreasonable.....

Still kind of resent her telling me I must find the other half of the money before *new years day* to buy the other half of the tumble drier or she wants the money back.....she was only half joking!

Anyway - I am very grateful!

JoolsTide Wed 08-Dec-04 19:14:41

if you can get a condensor one I'd recommend - I've had both and although they're more of a pain - emptying the water etc - I find clothes come out softer and of course no need for venting!

popsycal Wed 08-Dec-04 19:22:24

I was originally told NOT to get condenser one...but we have limited space and a normal one would have to go in the garage and in this weather, that means a right hassle....and the whole point is that I use it and to make things easier when baby comes.
If I get a condenser, it can go in the corner of the kitchen....then in summer it can go in the garage if need be!


prufRockingAroundtheXmasTree Wed 08-Dec-04 21:33:08

We have a condenser one now and it is wonderful.

Do agree with Gdg about thethought and effort going into kids's presents being what is nice though - I appreciate the cheap, but well thought presents that my sister gets for dd and ds far more than the large amounts the grandparents are willing to spend as long as we tell them exactly what to get.

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Thu 09-Dec-04 08:58:20

I just got the Zanussi condenser one and its great

popsycal Thu 09-Dec-04 08:59:46

oooh.....might have to make a purchase.....

elliott Thu 09-Dec-04 09:40:00

wow I think that is very generous - we would just get the £10 present full stop from my parents - not as a 'little extra'.
But tbh I don't think its a big deal for your ds at his age - mine certainly wouldn't notice or be upset if he didn't get a present from a particular relative, although he sometimes remembers who got him a particular thing if he likes it a lot. As long as he's got a few things to open he'll be happy!
And he has so many toys that really I'd probably prefer to get 1/3 of a tumble dryer rather than the equivalent amount of toys for him.

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