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New Pub Quiz questions

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Fionn Thu 14-Nov-02 13:23:45

Lyric: He doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me


1 Which album was voted the best of all time by Rolling Stone magazine?

2 Which English king had two wives, both called Isabella?

3 What is a mazurka?

4 Which famous person fell off and drowned from a boat called the Don Juan?

5 What is the former name of Taiwan?

6 With what vegetable would a dish be garnished if it was served à la crecy?

7 Which acid was formerly known as oil of vitriol?

8 Which group recently had their 11th number one single?

9 What is seborrheic dermatitis better known as?

10 In which country is Cape Horn?

11 Which TV series is set in St Gweebe?

12 Who is the famous actress mother of young actress Skylor Fisk?

13 Who scored the first-ever hat-trick in the Premier League?

14 Anthony Buckeridge wrote about which fictional schoolboy?

Even if you don't know much about football have a guess at no. 13 and ask your blokes too! Dp came with me for the first time to the quiz and neither he or the other football fans there got it right. We were given the clue "he's not English" and my guess was right but I didn't write it down as I foolishly deferred to the men!

prufrock Thu 14-Nov-02 13:42:17

3 Arabic song?

8 Westlife

9 Dandruff

(I have both of the last two!)

SoupDragon Thu 14-Nov-02 13:45:35

Anagram : Pianoforte
3. some sort of instrument
4. Robert Maxwell
6. Cress (lol)
9. Acne
10 Chile

pamina Thu 14-Nov-02 13:51:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bossykate Thu 14-Nov-02 13:53:46

2. King John
3. Polish dance
5. Formosa
6. Carrots
7. Sulphuric
10. Chile
14. Jennings

all guesses i'm afraid. thanks, fionn.

Marina Thu 14-Nov-02 14:20:26

Just one of these days I'll get in before bk, who always seems to know the same ones as me, drat!!
But: 12 is Sissy Spacek, because the little moppet is currently making her West End debut in Our Youth, I believe.
And 11 is that hopeless series with Dawn French - Out West or something.

janh Thu 14-Nov-02 14:49:09

4 - not Robert Maxwell but I don't know who (it wasn't one of those poets like Keats, was it?)

janh Thu 14-Nov-02 14:50:54

Or Natalie Wood?

GillW Thu 14-Nov-02 15:02:22

Lyric: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
1: Revolver - The Beatles
4: Shelley
9: cradle cap!!!

leese Thu 14-Nov-02 18:57:40

11 - Wild West.......and I think it's great!

Fionn Thu 14-Nov-02 23:15:04

Congrats to everyone especially bossykate for getting all her guesses right!

1 Revolver
2 King John
3 Polish dance
4 Shelley
5 Formosa
6 carrots
7 sulphuric
8 Westlife
9 dandruff
10 Chile
11 Wild West
12 Sissy Spacek
13 Eric Cantona
14 Jennings

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