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has anyone seen AFRIKA AFRIKA at the 02?

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smeeinit Mon 04-Feb-08 17:04:25

looking at booking tickets but want a bit of feedback first? smile

smeeinit Tue 05-Feb-08 13:30:45


bossykate Tue 05-Feb-08 13:54:45

not exactly what you were asking but...

i've seen the reviews are excellent and am planning to go.

hth a smidge! grin

smeeinit Tue 05-Feb-08 18:44:49

yes bossykate reviews look good dont they!

smeeinit Tue 05-Feb-08 22:10:29

anyone been?

smeeinit Wed 06-Feb-08 10:16:23

nobody been?! shock sad

smeeinit Thu 07-Feb-08 20:17:22

hopefull bump?!!!

LyraSilvertongue Thu 07-Feb-08 20:19:13

No, but my boys are obsessed with the posters. Do you know if it's suitable for children?

smeeinit Thu 07-Feb-08 20:43:35

yes im sure it is,ive heard that little ones have been.
im taking my parents in march,cant wait! grin

crumpet Thu 07-Feb-08 20:44:16

There are a few clips on youtube

kid Sun 17-Feb-08 20:30:08

I have been, got free tickets from their website by entering a password.
It doesn't matter where you sit, you can see from more or less everywhere.
The show was very good, lots of variety. Loved the basket ball players and break dancing!

kid Sun 17-Feb-08 20:32:09

If you are still going, there is an offer on here

NaughtyNigel Sun 17-Feb-08 20:37:48

ooh am thinking of surprising the DDs with this next week. will see if code works - when i'm less inebriated

bossykate Sun 17-Feb-08 20:42:06

the free tickets offer has now expired and i nearly did when i booked our tickets for next week! and that is with a two for one discount on the adult tickets! it better be good! smile

NaughtyNigel Sun 17-Feb-08 20:45:04

yes - i know its pricey but we've had a bit of a crap winter - and now it's nearly spring - can i carry on justifying the expense - i just think they'd enjoy it.

kid Sun 17-Feb-08 20:46:15

The show is running until the 17th March, I think they will run the free tickets again tbh. I keep trying as after telling people how good it was, I am trying to get tickets for them to go and see it themselves.

You aren't meant to take photos, but some people did. They didn't check bags for food so I'd recommend taking your own snacks. We paid £4 for a box of popcorn. A bottle of water cost £2.50

bossykate Tue 19-Feb-08 19:49:43

we are going next sunday... will report back...

kid Sun 09-Mar-08 21:33:59

Did you enjoy the show?

auntyquated Mon 11-Aug-08 16:35:18

or in manchester?

want to see if it is worth the mney first

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