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Names for Grandparents?

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Star Sun 15-Apr-01 16:42:49

Message withdrawn

Ailsa Sun 15-Apr-01 18:33:29

My kids only really see the in-laws, so we don't have that much of a problem, my husband's parents are nanny or nanna and grandad, and his grandparents are granny and grandad grape (my little boy won't or can't say great)

Suew Sun 15-Apr-01 23:58:07

My mum is Ra, Steffi's word for grandma when she was little which has stuck. My dad is Gramps, which was Grumps for a while to everyone else in the family!

My mum's preferred title is Mamma (I think that's how you'd spell it) and that's what my niece calls her. It's pronounced Mam-mar and seems to be a Derbyshire word as I had never heard it before she came up with it but apparently was what she called her grandmother in Alfreton and I have heard it more since I moved to Derby/Notts border.

Joe Mon 16-Apr-01 11:14:55

My parents are nana and poppy (after my grandad, dads dad), or grandad and my in-laws are called nanny and grandad. This of course could all change when my son starts to talk and makes up his own names, though I dont really think any of them will care what he calls them they just love being grandparents.

Bron Tue 17-Apr-01 08:01:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Azzie Tue 17-Apr-01 08:43:58

My Mum is Grandma and my MIL Granny, and my son is very sharp about the difference and tells you off if you call one by the other's name! My stepfather (of Welsh extraction) is called Dadcu (pronounced Daki) which I think is the South Welsh version of Grandpa - I like this, because as far as my kids are concerned he is their grandfather, but this way I don't have to confront any odd feelings I might have if they called him Grandad (my father died before either of his grandchildren were born).

Copper Tue 17-Apr-01 14:51:11

We have Grandma Julie and Grandad Harry on one side, and Grandma Mary and Grandad Dennis on the other side. When we are actually with either set, they just revert to being called Grandma and Grandad, quite naturally.

Star Tue 17-Apr-01 19:55:27

Message withdrawn

Axel Tue 17-Apr-01 20:49:21

Grandma & Grandad and Nan & Gramps. Don't ask me why, it's just happened that way. Mind you it's early days yet so when our little one interprets these names in his own stylee they'll surely change.

Nmd Wed 18-Apr-01 07:54:18

Farfar for FIL (Norwegian Dad's Dad) and officially Grandma & Grandpa on my side, but both girls have started out calling my mum what sounds like marmar, so maybe that's how it originated?

Beckylou Wed 18-Apr-01 13:13:59

My parents are refered to as Granny and Grandpa. These names were more or less chosen by me and agreed on by them. My own grandmother (my only living grandparent) is called Grandma by all her grandchildren and by my daughter - no reference to 'GREAT'. My grandfather was called 'Bam' by everyone - I couldn't pronounce grandpa when I was little and said 'Bampa' instead - it stuck and everyone used it. My paternal grandfather was called 'Granda' - he was from Middlesborough and that variation was commonplace. I would like to be called Bec, my first name, or at a pinch, 'Mama', my daughter's name for me til she was about 5. What would other mums like to be called when they become grandparents?

Emmam Thu 19-Apr-01 12:09:22

What I call my son's grandparents I wouldn't like him to repeat in front of them!

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