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Jennifer Lopez

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Shattered Mon 11-Nov-02 08:03:47

This is just a bit of celebrity bashing but... is anyone else bugged by Jennifer Lopez's impending marriage to Ben Affleck??!!! She was married to her first husband for a year before filing for divorce, her second marriage to Cris Judd lasted for a huge nine months before she filed for divorce again in July, and now she's engaged to Ben Affleck and says she wants to marry him on Valentine's Day. GROW UP woman!!! It just bugs me how celebrities change their marriage partners like they change their handbags. Why the hell do they bother getting married in the first place?? It's such a farce. There, I've had my say...

oxocube Mon 11-Nov-02 10:27:44

Shattered, I'm so glad you started this thread! I thought I was the only one who thought like this but obviously not. It just makes such a joke of marriage vows IMO - and before anyone gets all huffy, I know everything can't be roses in a marriage and I am not knocking divorce, but it seems like some celebs don't even try. I mean nine months and then a divorce! Get real woman.

aloha Mon 11-Nov-02 10:30:07

I keep wondering what she'll wear this time. She had couture Valentino for that ludicrous wedding to her dancer (what a surprise that didn't last, eh?). How do you top that?

GRMUM Mon 11-Nov-02 10:53:58

I'm amazed that Ben Affleck wants to marry her.Its a rather big risk I would have thought.I always had him pegged as a thinker....

megg Mon 11-Nov-02 12:01:55

She's not even divorced from the dancer (who I feel quite sorry for), according to reports I read the divorce doesn't come through until January. I always felt she was only with puff daddy (or whatever his name is this week) to further her music career, is ben affleck to further her movie career? Don't rate j-lo at all as dancer, singer or actor but she certainly has ambition and has done well so for someone with so little talent good luck to her. She's what 27? Maybe she's going for the Liz Taylor record on marriages. These celebrities just seem to see marriage as a publicity stunt, it shouldn't be allowed. I think they should look to Paul Newman as an example. None of this pressures of the job rubbish for him, him and his wife just seemed to have worked it out over the years. They always make me laugh when they go on about too much work etc making them break up. With the money they earn they can afford to fly off anywhere round the world to be with their loved one if it was the right one. They should try being in the real world.

threeangels Mon 11-Nov-02 13:45:38

All I can really say about Jennifer Lopez is that shes too trashy for me. Her marriages along with most every other star is just to add more plublicity to there already publicised life.

ellasmum Mon 11-Nov-02 13:56:25

I feel a bit sorry for Ben Affleck - surely it is only a matter of time until he is ex-husband number 3!

I read in the Telegrapgh today that she is having a 3 day wedding and is flying all her 'friends' in by private jet. I did note that all these friends happened to be major A-list star thereby ensuring full coverage from all the mags - clever Jennifer!!!

Not sure what is worse, the excess of a 3 day wedding or the fact that is was in the Telegraph??

Tinker Mon 11-Nov-02 14:24:28

They do make me laugh, they seem incapable of just going out with someone, you know, to see if you actually get on like!

Philippat Mon 11-Nov-02 14:29:54

Megg - 32 I read this morning (made me feel better about my impending 32 on Friday).

I reckon she just needs to excuse to have a big party. Can't see any other reason (well apart from obvious unsuccessful quest to be loved...)

jodee Mon 11-Nov-02 15:05:40

I read that Gwyneth Paltrow still holds a bit of a torch for him and is appalled with J-Lo, she is not worthy of him, apparently.

soothepoo Mon 11-Nov-02 15:59:18

GP must be getting a bit of a 'thing' about the name Jennifer

Zoe Mon 11-Nov-02 19:42:02

Perhaps J-Lo wants to be this generations Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I hope she ends up looking like her then we will all feel smug

Shattered Tue 12-Nov-02 07:08:43

Soothepoo I hadn't thought of that - poor GP!! Seems she's under some kind of a "Jennifer" curse. I bet she'll never makes friends with anyone called Jennifer again.
GRMUM, I too thought that Ben Affleck seemed to be more of a sensible type, but obviously not. Perhaps he's in lust and just wants to throw caution to the wind... along with some money.

Melly Tue 12-Nov-02 13:03:33

I think J Lo is a silly tart with a big arse (and I'll now put my claws away!) Like you say Shattered, why bother in the first place

willow2 Tue 12-Nov-02 15:46:38

saw picture of her in a supposedly high fashion boiler suit the other day and she looked flipping awful - proof possibly that boiler suits are yet another big joke waged on the female population by male designers - don't fall for them!

sml Tue 12-Nov-02 18:19:00

Isn't there something to be said for getting married instead of just having affairs? It's like saying "I'm in this relationship seriously, but if it doesn't work out, then I'm ready to divorce and try another one".
Other cultures regard marriage somewhat differently from the way we do. For example, divorce is permitted in Islam. This, coupled with the fact that extra marital sex is not condoned in traditional societies can lead to some short, childless marriages!

bundle Tue 12-Nov-02 18:19:45

Melly - the fat arse is the only bit I like about her (ie can identify with )

bundle Tue 12-Nov-02 18:45:13

willow2 - I saw that picture too, it was a fashion felony. get the style police over to her pad right now.

Melly Tue 12-Nov-02 20:23:49

I'm sure it isn't Bundle Actually I do think she is rather gorgeous in the looks department, just a bit of a silly moo otherwise

Croppy Wed 13-Nov-02 13:37:55

But sml, the whole point of religious marriage vows in Christianity is that marriage is for ever not for just until you change your mind. It seems to me that allowing easy and quick divorces tends to favour men and spookily, usually applies in countries which also do not give women full property rights under law.

bundle Wed 13-Nov-02 13:40:14

oooh it is Melly
thank goodness for my growing bump, which is balancing out my bum a bit. how's yours?

sml Wed 13-Nov-02 17:48:43

yes, Croppy, but the Christian view on marriage isn't the last word, surely. Especially as so many people marry in registry offices these days. I just don't see anything so dreadful about marrying, but reserving the right to admit that one made a mistake. Re divorce and women's rights, it seems pretty easy to divorce in the US and the UK among others. I'm sure I've said this before, but not all countries where Islam is the main religion have religious laws, although the ones that do tend to hit the headlines here!

Shattered Thu 14-Nov-02 00:08:43

Sml, my initial point about J-Lo is that she already has two EXTREMELY short marriages behind her, and both divorces were initiated by her. Now she's been going out with Ben Affleck for a few months and wants to marry him as well. Surely she's making a joke of marriage??? If she knows that two of her previous marriages have failed (they weren't even given a chance in my opinion), why doesn't she take the time to make sure that she's not going to make the same mistake again?? I certainly don't think this needs to become a debate between Christianity and Islam - I was just originally noting the fact that she does not seem to be taking marriage very seriously, even though she goes to the trouble of wearing a white wedding dress and taking vows in a church. Being Latin-American she is probably Catholic, and Catholics do not condone divorce or premarital sex for that matter, so basically it seems that she's just doing what she likes. I don't want to make this a religious debate, I was just saying that I think it's ridiculous that she's marrying people when it's obvious that there's no real long-term commitment there.

ScummyMummy Thu 14-Nov-02 00:17:32

Maybe she thinks the party afterwards will be fun? Or likes dressing up? Whatever floats her boat I say, if Ben is keen too, that is.
I don't really know anything about J Lopez but did once see a tv thing where a quite bizarre fan of hers got to meet her and I thought J-Lo was rather sweet- the fan was frankly vulnerable and odd to the point of madness, if I remember rightly...

SueDonim Thu 14-Nov-02 06:56:59

I trust those who have no objection to multiple weddings don't expect the bride/groom's parents to stump up every time she/he fancies a new spouse!! My DS married this year and although it was a pretty modest do, it still cost a lot of money.

I must say, I would have been very sad if DS and his wife had married with the thought in their minds that they could get out of it as quickly as they'd got into it. What would have been the point?? But maybe my views are coloured cos I'll be celebrating my pearl wedding anniversary this weekend. If DH and I can survive 30 long weary years together, so can they!

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