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Christmas charity idea - advice from webbers please

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binkie Fri 26-Nov-04 19:43:03

ds and dd have been doing various charity type things through school and have got interested in the whole idea. They would like to "choose" a charity to do a bit of donating to next year (I thought this might be a nice annual idea, choose one each Christmas, etc.). I know that probate lawyers usually have a big directory of charities, so I'm sure somewhere on the web there must be the same thing. Can anyone point me to it?

(In the past I would have spent hours searching, but nowadays asking here is all I need!)

Davros Sun 28-Nov-04 16:41:48

Sorry, can't help but you could always just choose my son's school!

80sMum Sun 28-Nov-04 16:49:56

Try here

binkie Mon 29-Nov-04 10:42:30

80sMum, thank you. Davros, how could I not , but that still leaves one to choose [ie, for me to steer unsuspecting child inexorably towards decision already made for it].

Any of the morning not-for-profit-type working mums able to point me to anything of a more ad directory nature (ie, with pictures in?) so's I can show the children?

hatter Mon 29-Nov-04 13:15:25

Binkie - don't understand your last post - have you already made your mind up? If you want to do something topical you could do something related to Sudan. I know it's a tough one to explain to children and all a bit gruesome but there is a good organisation called Kids for Kids, that assist with income generation.

hatter Mon 29-Nov-04 13:16:11

binkie Mon 29-Nov-04 13:17:57

yes it was confusing wasn't it - I'd planned on ds and dd choosing a charity each - but realise I didn't say so!

JanH Mon 29-Nov-04 13:27:03

Have a look here , binkie - it's actually a Christmas cards site but has loooong list of charities, A-L and M-Z, and many of those listed have links to their own sites.

JanH Mon 29-Nov-04 13:28:24

BIBIC would be a good one.

Davros Mon 29-Nov-04 21:44:06

Very nice idea binkie, do let us know what they "choose"

binkie Sat 12-Feb-05 09:33:02

A dreadfully delayed update!

Ds has adopted a pod of Scottish dolphins through the World Wildlife Fund UK. Dd has joined the junior bit of the Royal National Lifeboat Inst. We used JanH's link to choose - thank you!!

(And, davros, Treehouse is getting my tax overpayment refund (which is a bit more than the dolphins etc.))

Davros Sun 13-Feb-05 19:45:36

Wahey Binkie, how kind and generous. Dophins nice too and kind-of related with the theories about swimming with dolphins and special needs. Thank you!

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