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Fionn Mon 04-Nov-02 23:07:41

Was saying to dp earlier this evening that if the local council/police don't take any notice of my letter complaining about students in the FE college opposite our house dropping rubbish and drug dealing in our road on a daily basis then I'll consider voting Tory next time round in the local elections. Then I saw Ann Widdecome et al saying that unmarried couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt as only married couples can provide a loving and stable environment for a child and I saw sense thank God! It is a bit worrying to find oneself agreeing with Michael Portillo though...!

florenceuk Tue 05-Nov-02 19:42:06

Have to admit, I've never voted in the local elections. But would probably vote Tory for purely selfish reasons ie if they promised to lower my council tax. However I don't think it is a contradiction to long for order (ie rubbish collections, no drug dealing) on a local basis, but more liberal approach at a national level - maybe I'm wrong?

I think the Tories are mad on the adoption issue, and only prove they deserve to languish in political limbo for some time yet. Trouble is, New Labour drive me nuts as well - but the Tories would be worse!

bossykate Tue 05-Nov-02 19:46:03

i was tempted to vote lib dem at the last election. they seemed to be the only ones willing to bite the bullet on higher taxes for improved public services and took the most compassionate line on asylum seekers. but i just couldn't quite bring myself to (for a number of reasons).

does anyone else feel that *none* of the political parties are speaking to/for them atm?

Tortington Wed 06-Nov-02 11:56:34

ooooooh yes, we have tory blair or the tory party and the party with an orangy yellowy colour.... whats its name?

and to make things worse my husband is turning into a tory. from semi socialist ideals to full blown toryblairite trash in a year which i noticed after we had watched question time and got to chatting i realised he had blue blood and he didnt even know it. <spit> !!!!

susanmt Wed 06-Nov-02 14:14:10

At least up here we have more choice! The coice is still dreadful, and it is amazing how, with everything going on in politics, that the Scottish Socialists (Go Tommy Sheridn! Get Arrested!) seem more and more electable. At least they are different!

SueDonim Wed 06-Nov-02 14:36:02

Kuh, some choice, isn't it, Susan? The LibDems got elected in my area and now they are busy doing exactly the opposite of what they promised in their manifesto - namely, they're closing small schools and taking away rural services!!

And another thing. As we're living abroad we're not allowed to vote in local or Scottish elections *but* the bl%dy council says we still have to pay Council Tax! That's what cost the UK the colonies - "no taxation without representation"!!!!

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