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how to get the smell of cat wee out of a buggy ??!!

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chankins Sun 20-Jan-08 16:46:14

Double buggy was weed on a year ago ffs and still stinks of cat wee. Have scrubbed it and washed it and sprayed it, what else can you do ?!?

lazarou Sun 20-Jan-08 16:47:52

Yuck! Can you afford to buy a new one? Cat stench is hard to shift.

chankins Sun 20-Jan-08 16:48:59

no not at the moment. I've been on mat leave from child minding and start work again this week. Really need it on tuesday !

Misdee Sun 20-Jan-08 16:49:01

can u strip the covers off and wash them in the washing machine?

ArmadilloDaMan Sun 20-Jan-08 16:49:43

Bicarb of soda? Sprinkle it all over and then hoover/clean it off in a few hours. Or days if it is truly atrocious. It's worked on it for me.

I have spent a lot of time this afternoon clearing up cat crap. We found her secret hiding place. At least the smell is gone now. Any one want a neurotic, lazy old cat?

Thought not wink

chankins Sun 20-Jan-08 16:51:32

o thanks will try bicarb as i have that in cupboard.
cats are such a pain, ours is alsi lazy old and a bit on the neurotic side, bless her!

policywonk Sun 20-Jan-08 16:53:47

Try a solution of biological washing powder (or just wash it with bio powder) - must be biological, it's something to do with the enzymes.

ambercat Sun 20-Jan-08 16:54:19

Pets at home have some spray on stuff that neutralises the smell. I used it last year when we had a tom that kept coming in and spraying on the hall carpet, it works really well.

Jen1133 Tue 10-Sep-19 10:54:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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