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Was there a thread SWOONING over the BA pilot who bravely landed that plane and saved all those lives and then went for a curry?

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WideWebWitch Sat 19-Jan-08 21:20:11

Surely there was? Direct me to it please.
I was fanning myself over the Evening Standard on this story. He's a 43 father of 3 who is capable and manly and swoony as far as I'm concerned. Bet he's got one of those reassuring BA pilot voices too <faints>

Either direct me to thread or tell me I'm sad if it's just me swooning.

And is his wife a mumsnetter I wonder?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 19-Jan-08 21:20:56

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sat 19-Jan-08 21:21:23

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 19-Jan-08 21:21:44


Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:22:39

they are all like that. understated in a way that makes you gabble that they are so brave smile

Dh casually told me , not that long ago, that during the first Gulf war his Tornado was 'locked onto' by an Iraqi radar. never bothered to tell me at the time. What a bally hero. Home in time for tea and medals! grin

foxinsocks Sat 19-Jan-08 21:23:06

yes, old neighbour was a pilot. He was calm and reassuring and was manly and swoonworthy.

Perhaps there's a panel of 10 women at the interview and that's how they are chosen.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 19-Jan-08 21:23:41

Message withdrawn

Monkeytrousers Sat 19-Jan-08 21:23:53

NO He was like Clooneys older uglier brother!

FluffyMummy123 Sat 19-Jan-08 21:24:40

Message withdrawn

WendyWeber Sat 19-Jan-08 21:25:04

I started this one, www (cos he looks like George Clooney AS WELL!!!)

Monkeytrousers Sat 19-Jan-08 21:25:32

And I thought the Newsnight reporter (if that's where you saw it WWW) taking that angle was pretty astonishing too. These people had just been through an awful expereince.

Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:25:36

actually once you get to the front line, and don't do the spiffy training any more, being a fighter pilot is faily dull too. you are just there to be a 'wepons platform' according to dh. you have to be at the right place, at the right time etc.

the whizzy stuff sort of passes them by, they just concentrate of the 'mission'.

Piffle Sat 19-Jan-08 21:25:51

my best mates ex hub was a fighter pilot -squadron leader
oh I know it is wrong but oh oh oh I could have.... in his flying suit <drool>

Blu Sat 19-Jan-08 21:25:53

Ahem, the swoony one wasn't the one who actually landed the plane, though, was he? He was the captain, and in charge, but his co-pilto (a bit stringy looking) did the whole gliding it down miracle.

Although I'm sure the swoony one was being calm an authoritarian beside him and making key decisions in a deep voice.

RubyRioja Sat 19-Jan-08 21:26:23

I heard that the safe landing was largely due to his second in command, but Clooney look alike was being hailed as was more photogenic .

Don't know if true (obv) but sounds like PR to me grin

RubyRioja Sat 19-Jan-08 21:26:41

xpost Blu!

Monkeytrousers Sat 19-Jan-08 21:26:59

Oops WWW, just read your op not just the title now.

No - like Clooneys distant Irish cousin who's digged bogs all his life maybe !!!!

Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:27:23

Pilots are IME almost pathologically calm. If you can't do anything about it, why worry, sort of thing. Has served dh very well in the latest illness.

Very, very focused and massive self control.

Total pride in their professionalism.

WendyWeber Sat 19-Jan-08 21:28:28

But the swoony one's friend and neighbour duly swooned in the press and the stringy one's one mum said oh yes, he's fab.

I love it that they all live miles from Heathrow - swoony one in Wilts, stringy one in France (I bet stringy one gets to Heathrow quicker wink)

Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:28:31

Piffle, I got to see dh in his flying suit every day!

Monkeytrousers Sat 19-Jan-08 21:28:34

I thought the real story was with the woman who was at teh press concverence. She looked shattered. I thought it was in really bad taste to be 'swooning' over pics of her obvioulsy trying to keep her composure.

WendyWeber Sat 19-Jan-08 21:29:48

Incidentally mb, have you had an interesting student pilot in you parts recently? (bad choice of phrase there but ykwim grin)

Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:30:11

There is a story in the RAF, and I'm not sure of its veracity, of two guys who crashed and died. The last words on the black box were, 'Cancel two late lunches'

Blandmum Sat 19-Jan-08 21:30:34

Might have, might have

SpawnChorus Sat 19-Jan-08 21:31:26

Oooh I like a man who knows his way round a cockpit.

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