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Who's heard of 'Tilly-Mint'?

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redshoes Wed 24-Nov-04 16:41:38

This is driving me Great-Grandma (Lancashire/Merseyside) used to call me this - kind of like an affectionate 'madam' type of name. I have tried Googling but can't find the origin/meaning - can anyone enlighten me?

saintshar Wed 24-Nov-04 16:54:46

We say it around here too!! (I am from St Helens which is in Merseyside.)

It is said in the 'little madam' kind of way too!

I will ask around and see what people say.

redshoes Wed 24-Nov-04 16:55:55

Hurrah for MN! Hope someone knows...

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 24-Nov-04 17:03:59

here you go

My Great Aunt (Liverpudlian) used to say it too.

redshoes Wed 24-Nov-04 17:40:02

Hey fantastic!!! You are a star PTMD!
Still doesn't explain who/why tho' does it?
Perhaps we'll never know...

pixel Wed 24-Nov-04 17:46:02

Well it certainly explains something for me. I used to know a pony called "Tilly-mint" but I always thought it was a made up name and wondered how the owner came up with it. Now I know!

redshoes Wed 24-Nov-04 20:14:37

it's a great name!

WigWamBam Wed 24-Nov-04 20:55:58

Says here that it comes from the name of a lady who used to sell mints.

dinny Wed 24-Nov-04 20:57:09

there is a Mumsnet poster called Tillymint. Haven't seen her for a while though...

redshoes Wed 24-Nov-04 21:16:39

Thank-you Wig Wam Bam - so it was a real person! Who is Spiegl I wonder? Still my mind is at rest - this has really bothered me for some time! Thank-you again...perhaps I should call db (due in 4 weeks) Matilda Mint...

steelmaniac Sun 11-Feb-18 10:20:44

Was it one of Ken Dodd ( Doddy's Diddymen ) as dickie dirt was ? Maybe, have 5 sisters in Liverpool and all were called at times Tilly Mint !

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