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What do orbs look like?

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Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 08:39:27

Apologies in advance for what is probably a really strange question! I recently spent a week at my parents house and my mum and 17 year old brother spent the whole time telling me why they thought their house was haunted- fine during the day but scary during dd's night feed! I didn't really pay much attention but after I got back my brother downloaded some photos he took of dd with his digital camera and claims that there are orbs surrounding all the photos of dd. He emailed me one of them and I admit there is a small ball of light round her but have no idea what it could be!
Apparently the lens on the camera is clean and the 'orbs' are in different places each time despite the phots being taken in quick succession in the same position...

Any suggestions? I normally wouldn't listen to him but my otherwise sensible mum is backin him up!

I've no idea how to post the photo anywhere for you to have a look

Amai Tue 23-Nov-04 09:01:07

Show us what you mean, this is giving me goose bumples!

munnzieb Tue 23-Nov-04 09:11:54

apparently it's the spirit of something isn't it? are you sure it's not a 'trick of the light'

DaddyCool Tue 23-Nov-04 09:14:46

Have you ever seen that show on livingtv - most haunted. You get orbs on most of those shows. They just look like bits of dust caught in the camera lights to me but sometimes they look just a little too big and bright to be that.

They usually look like a small ball with a tail coming off of them (kind of like sperm IMO)

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 09:59:11

There's one really big bright ball and a few smaller ones but there is no tail coming from them. WEird that they only appear in photos with dd in them tho!

Not covinced personally, I told them I thought it was some sort of refelction but they're adamant.
How can I do a link? Any suggestions for a technophobe? Tho I'll have to cut brother's head off!

misdee Tue 23-Nov-04 10:20:12

you could use photobucket to upload the pics. or yahoo.

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 10:51:11


Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 10:53:21

soory, meant to preview! It's picture 1- I had to cut a bit off to hide some of bruv's face so there's only 1 'orb'in the picture. I already used photobox and managed to work out how to share pics- not such a technophobe after all!

misdee Tue 23-Nov-04 10:54:06

looks like a dust fleck to me.

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 10:59:49

That's what I thought too but family making me paranoid!

DaddyCool Tue 23-Nov-04 11:23:04

That's pretty cool. Any more or is that the only one?

MistressMary Tue 23-Nov-04 11:33:26

I got some video footage from cctv of orb type things flying across the screen, in my partners workshop.
Trouble is, I cannot link it up to show you all.

jolly4 Tue 23-Nov-04 11:38:39

our friends are part of paranormal society an they go on regular ghost hunts an always show pics of orbs they are apparently spirits of the dead b4 they make them selves visible

Linnet Tue 23-Nov-04 11:55:19

an orb?

This is a photo of one of my dd's with what we think is an orb, we have quite a few photo's of her like this.

Linnet Tue 23-Nov-04 11:57:13

sorry, Hayls meant to add that your dd is lovely.

DaddyCool Tue 23-Nov-04 12:22:47

Coooool! But if an orb is supposed to the sign that the ghost is just about to make itself visible, why doesn't then you know.. make itself visable?

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 12:44:44

Linnet, that's more like what I would have thought an orb was! My bruv has quite a few of them and I'll ask him to email me some more but he's a typical lazy teenager and it took him a week to 'get round' to sending me that one so it could be a long wait!
What's the general verdict then? I'm scared enough staying there (I make my bruv sleep on the floor in the same room as dd and me if dh isn't with us) so don't want to be even worse!!

munnzieb Tue 23-Nov-04 19:10:44

your dd is dead sweet, the set of pics... it looks like a water stop if thats possible, I don't knwo how to explain the arch one thou.

BadHair Tue 23-Nov-04 19:23:45

Linnet - you haven't got long hair have you? I've got loads of photos of dses with marks like this, and apparently its my flippin' hair getting in the way.
I always tie it back when I take pics but there's usually one manages to escape.
At least, that's what I think it is ...

MistressMary Tue 23-Nov-04 19:32:59

Do you wear glasses?

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 20:05:33

I do wear glasses but they appear in the photos where I'm nowhere near. Nobody else wears them

Angeliz Tue 23-Nov-04 20:09:34

I have a pic of dd with a ray of sunlight bouncing right off her head.
Just one very thick bright ray and it truly freaked us out when we saw it!
I like the pic

MistressMary Tue 23-Nov-04 20:20:01

It looks like a reflection back into your eye?
like when you look into a window type thingy?

That's the only rartional explanaion I can find.

MistressMary Tue 23-Nov-04 20:22:52

I was meaning Linnets photos Hayls. Confused there.Oops

Hayls Tue 23-Nov-04 20:24:01

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