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Does anyone have any JL jokes?

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agaazaa Tue 29-Oct-02 00:23:23

Come on there must be some great JL jokes flying around. Since being on maternity leave I don't get to hear of them.

Rhiannon Tue 29-Oct-02 08:45:54

Someone sent me a photo email of him doing Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle said:


Rhiannon Tue 29-Oct-02 08:46:28

Must admit I was shocked the photos in the paper of him snorting cocaine yesterday. Or is this all on the Ulrika thread? R

badjelly Tue 29-Oct-02 15:37:31

My dh had this text yesterday;

There once was a girl called Ulrika,
Who's sex life could have been sweeter,
She was battered by Stan,
Sven wasn't a fan,
and was raped by a c**t from Blue Peter.

Sorry but you asked!

Clarinet60 Tue 29-Oct-02 15:43:21

ROLF badjelly!

Clarinet60 Tue 29-Oct-02 15:43:47

or even ROFL

Jaybee Tue 29-Oct-02 17:13:45

What does ROFL mean? I have worked out all the other abbreviations but this one stumps me!!

PamT Tue 29-Oct-02 17:20:24

Roll on Floor laughing

Jaybee Tue 29-Oct-02 17:26:06

Thankyou!!!! Been on Mumsnet for ages and never did work it out!!

MandyD Tue 29-Oct-02 18:22:56

Aha! How about ROFLMAO? Or PMSL? Answer tomorrow for anyone puzzled!

Tissy Tue 29-Oct-02 19:06:48

Got PMSL, but can't work out MAO!

Marina Tue 29-Oct-02 19:43:22

Let's just say Mr Royle of the Royle family would be an expert on MAO...

mumsywumsy Tue 29-Oct-02 20:52:24

MandyD ...ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ OFF ...Couldn't get PMSL (???)

Lynne33 Tue 29-Oct-02 20:58:46

Pi$$ed myself laughing?

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