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mouldy non-slip shower mat: machine-washable?

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bakedpotato Thu 18-Nov-04 13:20:35

you know, one of those plastic mats that you stick in the bath to stop infants from slipping over. i'm sure it said it was m/washable when i bought it -- but at what temp?
and what should i put in with it? are normal washing tablets OK?

nailpolish Thu 18-Nov-04 13:21:19

bp i wash mine at 40 on its own with normal tabs.

nailpolish Thu 18-Nov-04 13:22:01

think i might have done it at higher temp when particularly mouldy!

Blackduck Thu 18-Nov-04 13:38:25

my Boots one says 40c on it and mild soap....I do it on its own....

gingernut Thu 18-Nov-04 13:40:12

I do the Boots one at 40C on its own, delicates cycle (don't know why!) with normal tablet, but it doesn't always get rid of all mould. You might have to scrub (or get a new one ).

bakedpotato Thu 18-Nov-04 13:46:19

thankyou, i shall try it at 40 right now.

bakedpotato Thu 18-Nov-04 16:00:08

4 years' worth of black gunky stuff has gone in the blink of an eye


nailpolish Thu 18-Nov-04 16:09:31


sis Thu 18-Nov-04 20:36:31

Are they all washable? I think we've got an Asda one - will it be cheaper to buy a new one or shall I try washing it?

gingernut Thu 18-Nov-04 20:52:28

There are some that shouldn't be best to check first. The Boots ones definitely come with washing instructions, have no idea about Asda ones (but remember a previous thread about this where someone said they had one which definitely said it wasn't to be washed in a machine).

sis Thu 18-Nov-04 20:58:37

Thanks, I guess I'll just have to get a washable replacement.

ItsAllTLAsToMe Mon 22-Apr-13 20:39:00

This Boots bath mat admits to being washable.

ItsAllTLAsToMe Mon 22-Apr-13 20:43:58

Sorry, this is a zombie thread blush.

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