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god sometimes I just think my kids are really really thick

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Twiglett Mon 31-Dec-07 09:51:22

my 3.5 year old just can't count

she just can't

1,2, pee ummmm pour 8 pie ten

and she wants to do these stupid letts study books because she loves them

but she's driving me mad

how difficult is it


MuthaHubbard Fri 04-Jan-08 14:40:07

My dd came along to my ww meeting yesterday (as not back at school yet).

At the end of the meeting she kept saying very loudly - WHEN ARE WE GOING TO THE PUB/MUMMY WE REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE PUB - in a mad alcoholic-needing-a-fix type of way.

MuthaHubbard Fri 04-Jan-08 14:40:51

I should add that we were going for our lunch, not to ply her with alcohol!! (though sometimes I wonder....)

GreebosWhiskers Fri 04-Jan-08 15:11:29

Years ago my dsis patiently sat & taught the theory of gravity to dd (then aged about 8). dd then proudly announced that she knew all about it & proceeded to give a very lucid explanation, which impressed us all no end. Unfortunately she spoilt it a bit by asking , 'but Auntie X, how does gravity get upstairs?'grin

Blandmum Fri 04-Jan-08 15:44:00

DD is 'doing' improper fractions. (she is 11, and at this rate will be fortunate to get to 12)

Or rather she is not doing them, And I'm about to have a thrombo.

2 7/8 as an improper fraction

'OK' says I, 'How many eighths in 1'

'OK' says I, how many quarters, make up a whole 1'


I draw a circle, and divide it into 4. 'How many quarters in 1 whole circle?'


So how many Eighths in a whole 1?


ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH. It was so hard it was not to yell, 'Oh FFS!!!!!!!!!!'

It was only years of training and teaching, let me tell you!

AnneMayesR Fri 04-Jan-08 16:10:55

Oh my god I laughed so hard reading this thread. I thought I was the only mum in the world who feels this way. My 2 year old is gifted and knows his time tables.

My older two are as thick as pig shit and I could strangle them.

Swedes2Turnips1 Fri 04-Jan-08 23:23:21

From a very bright 12 year old to aunt:
'Thank you for the party'

Aunt: Aw, thank you for coming, I hope it wasn't boring'

'Nah, I'v been to even more boring parties'

twentypence Sat 05-Jan-08 01:05:15

martianbishop - I usually end up teaching the "cabbage maths" type child (their expression not mine!) improper fractions because without it they will have no chance with understanding and reading music.

After a very frustrating 5 minutes ds (who is 4) can usually be heard to say from the living room. "8 quavers make 4 crochets, HOW LONG CAN IT TAKE TO GET THAT?!"

Funnily enough the music student's concentration is kickstarted by a 4 year old suggesting they are stupid.

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