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So who would knows about perimenopause and menopause then .. and how come we aren't taught / don't discuss in advance

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Twiglett Sun 30-Dec-07 20:25:42

OK I'm 40 so possibly in reach of the perimenopause which I understand can start 10 years before the menopause

I've had a bug that is also giving me hot sweats, I've also been raging more than normal

I've ordered a book that has been recommended to me but I know nothing

(much as I knew nothing about my cycle 'til I read Toni Weschler's book)

HuwEdwards Mon 31-Dec-07 13:09:21

I am 45

I really don't want need to read that article yet, do I...?

SantaBabyBeenAnAwfulGoodGirl Mon 31-Dec-07 13:11:33

i am lalalala fingers in ears about this

i think i have enough to worry about without adding more lol

Vulgar Mon 31-Dec-07 13:48:31

I'm in denial.

Surely this can't happen to me soon?

After all, i feel like I've just got over puberty.wink

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 31-Dec-07 14:06:19

<shakily pours large glass of Armagnac and clicks link>

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 31-Dec-07 14:18:58

So it's just like the first & last trimester of pregnancy combined, but with weight loss not gain, and without a definite finish line?

Oh good.

<finishes bottle of Armagnac>

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 31-Dec-07 14:22:06

I'm 44 and will join this club. I'm deffo more stroppy and emotional, and it's not just all the Christmas rubbish. And I look old [wrinkly faced emoticon]. I think I'll ditch the 'makers' in my name and just go with Saggybottomface&knockers. AF is completely up the swanny too - got closer together and now getting further apart. I'm sick of the whole feckin thing already.

My mum was mid to late forties so I'm probably peri-semi-menopausal lol!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 31-Dec-07 14:24:55

Oh FGS I have at least 25 of the 34 signs on that link.

Woe is me.

<Lies down in darkened room>

HappyTwoFRAUsandAndEight Mon 31-Dec-07 15:16:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 15:39:16

"I'm 44 and will join this club."

Hang on! This is a thread, it's not a club. I am not in a fucking perimenopausal CLUB!

batters Mon 31-Dec-07 15:43:58

pinedogtree, this isn't a club. If we say it is then the young 'uns will accuse us of having a clique and it will be horrible and people will cry.

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 15:50:05

Just a guess, but I don't think any young 'uns would want to be in this sort of clique. Are you thinking straight, batters? Or are you PERIMENOPAUSAL? aAAGH

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 15:50:57

it's like a horror film in here where everyone turns into zombies, even the good guys.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Mon 31-Dec-07 15:53:43

It IS a club. And you're all cliquey and young women like me are excluded. I hate MN. Boo hoo.

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 15:56:31

You're not crying half as much as we are

Tamum Mon 31-Dec-07 15:57:53

Oh Gawd, I'm finally in a clique. What a way to start. I don't have any of those signs though, or no more than I have ever had in my life before.

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 16:02:40

I haven't even looked th signs up. I know I don't have it. I'm still in my 30s

WideWebWitch Mon 31-Dec-07 16:05:19

This is a club I don't want to be in either. I'm a mere 41 and also in denial. DofN, you're up the duff you can't join surely?
lol at semi- peri

JackieNo Mon 31-Dec-07 16:06:19

I think I'm getting here too - I'm 42, and can definitely relate to the rage thing, as well as getting the most horrendous spots completely randomly, where before when I've had spots they've always been related to when my period startssad. Just waiting for the rest of the symptoms to manifest themselves. I like that Power Surge website.

Tamum Mon 31-Dec-07 16:09:59

Maybe we should ask MN for our own topic section? <gloom>

PrismManchip Mon 31-Dec-07 16:10:13

I have had 6 menopauses

<keels over at the thought>

It's seriously weird. (IVF-related btw)

It's the loss of mental capacity that worries me. If you ever looked at your menopausal mother trying to finish a sentence and thought "Oh god why is she so slow?" then Be Afraid.

Tamum Mon 31-Dec-07 16:11:05

Begone Pruni, you young thing you...

PrismManchip Mon 31-Dec-07 16:12:35

35, tamum
with FSH that is apparently 10 years older than I am
and a family of women who all had early menopause

PrismManchip Mon 31-Dec-07 16:13:11

Apparently this does not explain why ivf isn't working, btw - I have asked.....

JackieNo Mon 31-Dec-07 16:14:13

I get the trying to finish a sentence occasionally already - can't remember fairly ordinary words.

pinetreedog Mon 31-Dec-07 16:16:15

I say the worng word a fair bit and have no knowledge of saying the wrong word until someone shouts at me. I kept calling a camera a phone the other day. I did it three times.

twiglett has ruined my new year

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