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So who would knows about perimenopause and menopause then .. and how come we aren't taught / don't discuss in advance

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Twiglett Sun 30-Dec-07 20:25:42

OK I'm 40 so possibly in reach of the perimenopause which I understand can start 10 years before the menopause

I've had a bug that is also giving me hot sweats, I've also been raging more than normal

I've ordered a book that has been recommended to me but I know nothing

(much as I knew nothing about my cycle 'til I read Toni Weschler's book)

holidaywonk Sun 30-Dec-07 20:28:10

There was a Grauniad article recently Twig. Would you like me to find link or have you already seen it?

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 30-Dec-07 20:29:12

send a link holidaywonk - if you wouldn't mind - I'd be interested

holidaywonk Sun 30-Dec-07 20:31:24

blimey, I'd forgotten that it was a tad dramatic

I'm sure it's not always like this ladies <quakes>

SantaBeClausImWorthIt Sun 30-Dec-07 20:34:22

Mind you, I like the sound of the weight loss ... grin

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 30-Dec-07 20:36:08

hello BIWI !

batters Sun 30-Dec-07 20:38:59

What book have you been recommended, Twiglett, asks a very young and youthful and not even in her 30s batters.

Twiglett Sun 30-Dec-07 20:43:45

power surge

site for perimenopause / menopause education .. looks good

we should bloody well know about this you know

motherinferior Sun 30-Dec-07 20:44:18

I keep thinking of Doing Something about this in professional capacity, not of course that it is in any way relevant to me oh no

<contemplates 45th birthday looming in 2008>

Twiglett Sun 30-Dec-07 20:45:08

"The Wisdom of Menopause" by Dr Christiane Northrup

Spidermama Sun 30-Dec-07 20:46:49

I'm at the start of Toni Wechelers book and already feeling I'm reading it twenty years too late.

Still, I can pass it on to my dd.

I agree with you we don't tend to pass down info about womanly stuff to each other. People who have miscarriages often say this. Also I remember being quite un-prepared for changes when I was entering puberty about things like the fanny lips growing. I thought I had some kind of tumour.

While I'm on the subject of lips my mum has revealed to me that they disappear again in the menopause as does all the hair.

peanutbear Sun 30-Dec-07 20:49:43

can you tell me if it is possible that this ould happen to you at 32 or is that way to young

SantaBeClausImWorthIt Sun 30-Dec-07 20:50:04

Hello MAS!

That site looks interesting Twiglett.

I'm 48 now, and in the summer, whilst on holiday, experienced a number of hot flushes. Interestingly, these coincided with me lapsing from my usual low carbohydrate way of eating.

So diet (as confirmed by some of the stuff on the site) can have an impact. Also, though, you've clearly been ill, so are more likely to be suffering from a fever than real hot flushes, surely?

But definitely agree with you that we should know more about this. I'm determined to manage my menopause without resorting to hormone replacement therapy. My mum died from breast cancer and I have a strong feeling that HRT was one of the triggers for this.

motherinferior Sun 30-Dec-07 20:50:23

I was horrified by all the things that happened to my body around puberty.

They...disappear? Even, ahem, quite you know pendulous pronounced ones?

Spidermama Sun 30-Dec-07 20:53:29

Yes I won't ever be tempted to experiment with vestibular shaving any more now I know I only have it for a limited time.

motherinferior Sun 30-Dec-07 20:55:25

I shall cultivate my ladygarden, I think.

motherinferior Sun 30-Dec-07 20:55:56

And scrutinise for retracting lips.

Twiglett Sun 30-Dec-07 20:57:25

is that 'whilst you may'

I would rather like to be less, ahem, hirsute

LittleBellasRingingOutTheOld Sun 30-Dec-07 20:59:24

LOL at lip scrutiny.

I recently had a thread about this. I had a one day period, followed by a ten day very odd period about 2 weeks later. It occurred to me that it might be menopausal symptoms but I went to the doctor to get checked out just in case it might be a sign of something else. He said it's most likely to be perimenopausal stuff.

I do like the idea of losing a stone in 3 months as well, call me shallow. Have noticed that I've lost my appetite a lot, but that might be because I've had a bloody cold for nearly 3 weeks. (or maybe that's perimenopause as well judging by that article)

Blandmum Sun 30-Dec-07 21:02:21

Dry skin and hair....and this includes dryness in the vagina. Thinning of the skin in general.

Balding in the lady garden area.

Mustache like Colonel Blimp.

(not there yet myself (except mustache) used to work for a company that marketed HRT)

pinetreedog Sun 30-Dec-07 21:04:13

jesus H. That article is unreal. I'm denying everything for as long as I can.

LittleBellasRingingOutTheOld Sun 30-Dec-07 21:15:01

That puts a new complexion on porn stars. Maybe they're all aspiring to be menopausal, not children as previously believed?

Spidermama Sun 30-Dec-07 21:24:56


WideWebWitch Mon 31-Dec-07 04:33:20

Oh I was wondering about this too. Goodness that article's depressing. Is it really that terrible? Quite right, we should know this stuff.

batters Mon 31-Dec-07 13:06:08

thank you twiglett.

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